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Dallas Texas has Action Garage Doors Openers for home, business, residential, and commercial steel garage door repair, installation, and maintenance service in DFW area

When you want a safe, secure place out of the weather to park your car and other belongings, you may need to employ the help of a Dallas garage door repair company.

At Action Garage Door, we offer garage door service in Dallas and surrounding areas. When you want the best in garage door repair and other services, you have to turn to the best. For years, we have been providing residents all over Dallas-Fort Worth with the garage door service they need to have their garage doors in the best working order.

As a garage door repair company that is committed to customer satisfaction, nobody beats Action Garage Door. Our family-owned business has been satisfying customers since 1992 and we are waiting to help you find the services you need for your garage door in Dallas. All of our products can handle extreme weather and our work complies with all local regulations.

Our Garage Door Services in Dallas

At Action Garage Door, we understand you have many needs when it comes to garage door service. For this reason, our garage door service goes way beyond simple repairs. We work on steel garage doors and wooden garage doors, provide cable and track repairs, perform regular maintenance and do much, much more.

Types of Garage Doors We Install

No two home or business owners are alike, and our garage door repair company understands that no two will want the exact same garage doors and set up. At Action Garage Door, we offer a variety of garage doors for installation in Dallas homes and offices. Some of our options include Carriage House garage doorsOlympus garage doorsClassica garage doors, Heritage garage doors, and Amarr overhead steel doors.

Residential and commercial steel garage door Dallas Texas by Action Garage Doors for your install, service, and repair professionals

In addition to the types of doors we install, we have a tool that helps you create a custom garage door so you can get the door that goes perfectly with your home or office. Whether you want to match the exterior just perfectly, or if you are picky about windows, a fully customized garage door is just around the corner.

Garage Door Experts Since 1992

With experience and a commitment to service that is exceptional, Action Garage Door Repair Specialists is a company to trust. Able to provide emergency service in most communities, the Action team stands ready to assist residential and commercial clients when something goes wrong with a garage door.

Our repair technicians are fully trained and insured for your protection. We service all makes of garage doors, and our service vehicles are stocked with the most commonly needed repair parts. In most cases, we can have your garage doors operating again within just a few hours.

If the job requires replacing a panel or even an entire door, we are equipped to do that as well. Action Garage Door can assist you in choosing the best new garage door for your individual needs. With low, competitive pricing on all brands and models of doors from the best manufacturers, we will help you select a garage door that perfectly suits your needs and your budget.

Keep Action Garage Door in mind for quick garage door service whenever you need it. An attractive and reliable garage door is an important part of living well in the Dallas area.

Garage Door Service Areas in Dallas, TX

Living in or Visiting Dallas, Texas

skyline view of downtown dallas, tx

The city of Dallas is a major force in both Texas and the United States. It is the “anchor” of the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country, but it ranks only third in population in its own state, lagging behind Houston and San Antonio.

With a television show named for the city, it has a larger-than-life reputation – some of it earned, but much of it fictional. In truth, Dallas is a world-class city with a thriving business climate, great shopping, arts and entertainment, major professional sports teams, and a varied mix of neighborhoods.

Dallas and Fort Worth share the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the country. DFW is a transportation hub for highway and railroad commerce and the center of tourism for the North Texas area. But Texas is a huge state: Although you can get almost anywhere easily from Dallas, traveling away from the Metroplex is apt to take some time!

Dallas: The Definition of Diversity

The city was incorporated in February 1856, and established as a regional center for the oil and cotton industries. One fork of the Trinity River runs through it, and early development was near the river, but today the economy is multi-faceted. It is a sprawling city with a population of 1.3 million plus people within its boundaries, stretching across four counties and comprising nearly 386 square miles.

Also within the city are two unique communities collectively known as the Park Cities. Located within a mile or two of the Downtown and Uptown business and arts districts, the area is home to Southern Methodist University and the George W. Bush Presidential Center, Library and Museum, as well as some of the most expensive homes in the Dallas area.

Many of the leaders of Dallas society and business call the Park Cities home, and George and Laura Bush live close by as well. Turtle Creek, known for its azaleas and beautiful park-like setting, meanders through the area. The Mansion on Turtle Creek is an iconic destination hotel and restaurant; Christmas tours create traffic jams as throngs drive nearby neighborhoods to view the lighted home displays.

Dallax TX seal with star

Homes in Dallas are reasonably priced compared to many other parts of the country. It’s equally possible to find smaller homes and condos for around $100,000 as to find estate homes that sell for many millions of dollars.

Much of the city’s growth has been towards the north, and that’s where newer subdivisions and popular suburbs are to be found, although renovated older homes are also found throughout the city.

Shopping, Entertainment and Leisure Time Activities

NorthPark Center opened in 1965 as the largest climate-controlled retail center in the world! At the time it was on the northern edge of the city, with grazing land across the street. It is now even larger following a 1.2 million square foot expansion in 2006, centrally located in the expanded city, and rated as one of the top five shopping destinations in the country, and the top attraction of the DFW Metroplex.

More than 26 million people visit NorthPark each year! Its best-known anchor store is Neiman Marcus, but the mall once was home to the largest JCPenney store in the southwest.

Dallas is also home to The Dallas Mavericks basketball, the Dallas Stars Hockey team, Southwest Airlines and the third-largest number of Fortune 500 companies in the country. The Texas State Fair is a major attraction, held each fall at Dallas Fair Park, an iconic exhibition site with the largest collection of historic 1930s era Art Deco buildings in the nation. It is also the site of the original Cotton Bowl, although the traditional New Year’s match is now held at the Dallas Cowboys field in Arlington.

White Rock Lake is a favorite destination for those who love the outdoors, and even Dallas’s summer heat doesn’t keep sailors, joggers, and picnickers away from the water and the landscaped lawns and trails.

The Dallas Farmers Market, with a 75-year-old tradition of supplying fresh produce from local farmers, is currently undergoing a joint city-private rebirth, with new restaurants, shops, and condos planned for its close-to-downtown location.

Finally, Dallas still attracts visitors to the School Book Depository at Dealey Plaza, where a newly-opened historical exhibit chronicles the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It is now only a sad memory in an otherwise thoroughly upbeat and exciting modern city.

Our Dallas Service Area

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To get started with your garage door repair, installation, or replacement, in Dallas today, and let’s talk about the options available from the garage door repair company that has been caring for customers since 1984.

Broken Garage Door SpringRepaired Garage Door Spring
The qualified technicians of Action Garage Doors were called to this residential Dallas Texas home to repair and replace a broken garage door spring
This home on Monticello Ave in Dallas Texas had their residential steel garage door spring repaired and installed by Action Garage Doors
Broken Garage Door RollerGarage Door Roller Repaired
Action Garage Doors was assigned to evaluate and repair the broken steel garage door roller and repair at this residence in Dallas Texas
A new residential steel garage door roller replaced in Dallas Texas by a highly qualified technician at Action Garage Door of Plano Tx
Broken Garage Door OpenerRepaired Garage Door Opener
A broken linkage that connects the garage door opener track with the opener that was poorly installed and then failed in Dallas Texas
Action Garage Doors provided professional technicians to repair this garage door opener linkage in Dallas Texas
Damaged Garage Door RollerInstalled New Garage Door Roller
Action Garage Doors of Dallas Texas provide background checked qualified technicians to repair and replace old garage door rollers
As garage doors age vital components begin to wear and fail. Here is a new garage door roller installed by technician 1 Dallas Tx Action Garage Doors
Broken Garage Door SpringInstalled Garage Door Spring
Action Garage Doors sent their best technician to a residential home in Dallas to repair this broken garage door spring or install a new one
This Dallas Texas home had a broken garage door spring and Action Garage Doors was assigned to repair the old one or install the new one
Broken Door PanelNew Door Panel
Displaying a home steel garage door in need of repairs in Dallas Texas and being serviced by Action Garage Door Technician 4
Stratford series residential garage door repaired and opener motor replaced to restore working order in the Dallas Tx
A beautiful residential home receiving an installed new opener for a steel garage door in Dallas Texas by their technician 2
A beautiful residential home in Dallas Texas needing replaced by a new opener on a steel garage door by technician 2 of Action Garage Doors
Broken Garage Door SpringRepaired Garage Door Spring
Unfortunately this home in Dallas Texas suffered a broken garage door spring and Action Garage Doors was called to repair and replace it
This is a professionally installed new residential garage door spring to repair the previous broken one in Dallas Texas by Action Garage Doors
New Installed Garage DoorOld Wooden Garage Door
This older residential home in Dallas Texas was in need of a new garage door installed and repaired and Action Garage Doors did the job
This dilapidated old wooden garage door located at 8467 Forest Hills Blvd Dallas Texas was needing repair or install new one by Action Garage Doors

Local Reviews
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Action Garage Door Repair Specialists Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 2086 customer reviews

Map of Dallas, TX 75220

Excellent service!

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Juan was great. Scheduling was quick and easy. Professional, no mess, new opener works great. Very satisfied!

DallasTX75220 32.88-96.8475

Map of Dallas, TX 75225

Knowledgeable and relatable technician.

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

The office did not put the promised appointment on the calendar but when I called to check on the status of the technician, we still had someone come out that day. Service was responsive and explanations made sense. We love the new motor on the garage door but found the door opened on its own this afternoon and only one of the cars can open the garage now. Mine was programmed when Jake left, but when I programmed my husband's it disabled the opener connected to my car. In addition, neither of the hand help openers work and our garage panel doesn't work now either. I'm glad my husband is happy, but it's very frustrating to have to open the garage door from the wall, pull out, turn off my car, go into the garage to close the overhead door and then exit from the house and restart the car. I have to do the same in reverse when I come home.

DallasTX75225 32.8775-96.79

Map of Dallas, TX 75208

Great, convenient, and friendly service

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

DallasTX75208 32.7675-96.83

Map of Dallas, TX 75205

Excellent Service

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Quick and thorough service

DallasTX75205 32.8475-96.7775

Map of Dallas, TX 75205

Excellent Service

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Great job and attention to detail.

DallasTX75205 32.8475-96.7775

Map of Dallas, TX 75229

Quick and Thorough Service!

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

We called and had a specialist onsite the same day. He was experienced, efficient and friendly.

DallasTX75229 32.885-96.8425

Map of Dallas, TX 75214

Great job!

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Fast, efficient and friendly.

DallasTX75214 32.85-96.7575

Map of Dallas, TX 75218

Excellent service

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Great customer service

DallasTX75218 32.8625-96.715

Map of Dallas, TX 75212

Excellent Service

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Very professional amd courteous.

DallasTX75212 32.79-96.85

Map of Dallas, TX 75215

Great, quick service!

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

DallasTX75215 32.77-96.7875

Excellent service

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

great service - very knowledgeable service tech

DallasTX75252 32.99-96.81

Jose was very nice & knowledgeable

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

DallasTX75248 32.985-96.78

Excellent Service

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Very professional and explained everything.

DallasTX75238 32.8875-96.7225

New door

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Ronie was very nice and got entire door replaced in a very timely fashion. Have using you company for years and have referred numerous people to y’all.

DallasTX75218 32.855-96.6975

Prompt response

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Had to come back out as the garage door started to only partially open. The door worked fine for a couple days after replacing springs. Determined it was circuit board after consulting manufacturer support. I opted to have the opener replaced (2 factors: had to order circuit board 7-10 days delivery. And 2nd the manufacturer wasn't sure this would fix the issue). The new door opener is so quiet.

DallasTX75233 32.6925-96.885

Great Sevice!!

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Came out and was able to fix our garage door, explained everything and fair pricing. Thank you, Jose!

DallasTX75217 32.72-96.715

Excellent service!

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

DallasTX75205 32.845-96.775

Awesome Service!

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

DallasTX75228 32.81-96.6925

Prompt Excellent Service

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Identified yhe problem (broken spring) right off the bat. Changed out boyh springs, performrd maintenance on door. All done in less that 2 hours. Yes i recommend .

DallasTX75233 32.6925-96.885

Excellent Service

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Juan did a fantastic job repairing our garage door system. He was efficient, knowledgeable, and very capable in the repairs. I would recommend Juan wholeheartedly. A great expererience.

DallasTX75252 33.0025-96.8075