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How to Prevent Garage Door Rust

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Over the past couple of years, the State of Texas has seen an increased amount of cold spells and snowstorms. February of 2021 brought one of the coldest February that the state has seen in four decades, leading to power outages and people being snowed into their homes. While the warmer temperatures of spring and […]

Why Is My Garage Door Noisy?

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When your garage door is noisy, it’s not only a nuisance to you, but to the entire neighborhood. Grinding and whining sounds of a noisy garage door can resonate blocks and is never a pleasant start to the morning or close to the day. Luckily, we can help. Our team works hard to ensure that […]

The Beauty of Wooden Garage Doors

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Wooden garage doors are highly sought after as they are a beautiful crowning jewel for any home. They are highly versatile and can fit any style, whether modern or rustic. With so many stylized options, many individuals may be asking themselves if a wooden garage door is right for them. The Garage Door Specialists at […]