Is It Time to Replace Your Outdated Garage Door? Signs and Benefits

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Many different aspects of your home contribute to its value, including the size of your property, its color, the amenities it offers, and even your garage door. Having a high-quality garage door aids in keeping your home safe, lowers energy costs, and boosts the aesthetic appeal of your property.

However, when your garage door begins to show signs of wear and tear and repairs aren’t cutting it anymore, it could detract from the value of your home. A replacement may be necessary. How can a homeowner tell when it is time to replace their garage door versus getting repairs? Do the benefits of replacing your garage door help offset the cost? Your trusted garage door technicians at Action Garage Door have created this article to help our clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin, Texas, areas make the best decision for their needs. For more information, you can always contact our team directly and we will be more than happy to help you find the best solution for your garage door problem.

Recognizing the Signs of an Outdated Garage Door

There are some telltale signs that every homeowner should be aware of to help them determine whether or not their garage door needs a replacement service and not a repair. These signs are as follows:

The Garage Door Has Damage

If your garage door has obvious signs of damage, such as large cracks or dents, it is time to start looking for a replacement. Dents and cracks can lead to the garage door not going up and down as smoothly as it used to, putting strain on the tracks and the garage door opener. Additional strain on these parts can lead to further problems, such as busted tracks or broken garage door springs.

Dents and cracks also encourage rust growth on your garage door which weakens its integrity and significantly lowers the visual appeal of your home and property. It also detracts from the value of your home. If you were to try and sell it like that, the buyer may request that the garage door be fixed first or that they get the price of the home further reduced. Protect yourself from this possibility by investing in a replacement garage door from your trusted experts at Action Garage Door Repair Specialists.

Your Garage Door Is Noisy

A noisy garage door is often a sign of issues that need to be addressed, such as the parts needing lubrication or the rollers needing replacement. However, if all of these things have been done and the garage door is still noisy, it could mean that the entire garage door needs replacement. This is especially true if the noise you are hearing sounds like any of the following:

  • Grinding
  • Crunching
  • Grating
  • Squeaking
  • Banging

The Garage Door Is Older Than 20 Years Old

Most garage doors have an average lifespan of 20 years. This lifespan can increase or decrease depending on how well it was maintained throughout its lifespan. If your garage door is 20 years or older and it is continuing to run into issues, it may be time to consider a replacement vs. a repair. 

While repairs on younger garage doors can easily solve the issue, an older garage door is more likely to experience the same problems more frequently. On top of that, the issues will only continue to get worse, increasing the cost of repairs. While a new garage door is a significant investment, it will give you a return on your investment instead of being a hole in your wallet.

You Have Noticed a Significant Change In Your Garage Door’s Speed

Your garage door should be opening with a reasonable amount of speed that is safe. It should respond as soon as you give it the command to open and shouldn’t show signs of hesitation. If your garage door starts opening and closing significantly slower or if there is a significant delay from when you hit the button to open the garage door, it may be time to get an inspection and see if you need a replacement.

Your Garage Door Is Not Energy Efficient

Modern garage doors are designed with better safety and energy efficiency features to better serve homeowners and their families. If your garage door is older, it may lack the proper components to keep the heat in and the cold out. This includes the following features:

  • Bottom seals
  • Insulation
  • Sealing joints
  • Weather strips

You Want to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home or Property

Many homeowners want their property to look its best. Most of the time, this means investing in a new garage door that better matches their property than the one they inherited when they bought the house. A new garage door can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your home and property by adding a bold color or captivating design.

Garage door styles can always be matched with the architectural style of your home or they can be used to create a tasteful contrast that draws in the eye. With so many styles to choose from, there is something for every homeowner’s personal preference.

According to the Remodeling National Cost VS. Value report for 2023, a new garage door will give homeowners a 102.7% return on their investment. It significantly increases the value of a home, making it a great choice for homeowners who are looking to sell their home.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Garage Door

Upgrading your garage door gives homeowners a wide range of benefits that easily ensure that they get a return on their investment. When you invest in a garage door replacement, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Stronger Home Security

Older garage doors and damaged garage doors may not close completely, which makes it easier for intruders to get into your home. By simply replacing your garage door, you eradicate this issue and better secure your home against potential trespassers.

Another benefit of investing in a garage door replacement is that modern garage doors are being made with more sturdy materials, stronger glass that is harder to shatter, automatic locking mechanisms, and automated garage door opener systems that you can operate from your smartphone. You will never have to worry about whether or not you accidentally forgot to close the garage door when you leave for the day. You can check your garage door’s status through an app and open and close it as needed.

  1. Increases Your Home’s Curb Appeal

As mentioned earlier, replacing your garage door can significantly increase the curb appeal of your home and property. Your garage door takes up about 20% of the front of your home, making it one of the most eye-catching parts. Chipping paint, obvious dents, rust spots, and cracks on your garage door all detract from the beauty of your home. You can refresh your home’s appearance and increase its value

  1. Lower Energy Costs

Newer garage doors are made with energy efficiency in mind, designed to help keep your conditioned air inside of your home. This aids in reducing the amount of strain your HVAC unit is under, increasing its lifespan, and reducing energy costs. This is done by allowing the garage door to close tighter and with better insulation.

  1. Less Required Maintenance

Preventative maintenance ensures that your garage door can operate smoothly and handle the stress of repeated use. Older garage doors, even with preventative maintenance, will experience more frequent issues as the age weakens the materials and repeated use wears down the garage door’s moving parts. Replacing your garage door versus handling the repeated repairs can save you money on repair costs which will help you see a return on your investment while also ensuring that you have a safer operating garage door.

Professional Garage Door Replacement Services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston

Action Garage Door Repair Specialists are the trusted experts in Garage Door Replacement and maintenance services in the DFW Metroplex, Houston, and Austin, Texas. We are committed to the protection of our customers, ensuring quality results by using only the most reputable materials in the trade from the nation’s leading manufacturers. 

Stop spending money on the same issues, watching your energy costs continue to rise, and letting your slow garage door make you late to work by investing in a new garage door. Our specialists can help you find the perfect garage door for your home’s style. Contact us today for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment with our garage door technicians.

FAQs: Is It Time to Replace Your Outdated Garage Door?

What Are the Signs That My Garage Door Is Outdated and Needs a Replacement?

The following signs can let you know when your garage door needs to be replaced versus getting repairs:

1. Your garage door is sagging.
2. Your garage door is noisy even after repairs.
3. Your garage door has signs of damage, rusting, or rotting.
4. Your energy bills are continuously rising.
5. Your garage door is older than 20 years.
6. Your garage door is slowing down significantly.

What Benefits Can I Expect From Replacing My Garage Door?

When you get your garage door replaced, you can expect the following benefits:

1. Stronger home security.
2. Increased curb appeal.
3. Lower energy costs.
4. Lower maintenance and repair costs.

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