Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement

Garage Door Cable RepairMost people can identify the basic parts of their garage door system: motor, racks, roller, and chain. Yet one of the most important elements of the system is also one of the most overlooked: the cables.

The cable system is basically a huge wire that’s actually a system of wires which attaches the door to the torsion springs, keeping the door balanced at all times. We at Action Garage Door understand the importance that the cable plays in your system, and are equipped to handle any garage door cable repair or replacement jobs that you need.

Your garage door cables are located on the sides of the door and require constant lubrication in order to avoid the need for garage door cable repair. Failure to do so can lead to increased wear and tear over time that, if avoided, will leave you with no choice but to require garage door cable replacement.

Other Garage Door Parts We Repair

Aside from garage door cable repair, we at Action Garage Door also repair and replace:

How to Tell if Your Garage Door Cable Needs Repair

Paying close attention to potential warning signs with your garage door cables might be the difference between you needing a simple garage door repair job or a complete garage door cable replacement. Those warning signs include:

  • Worn or broken strands in the cable itself
  • Broken tension springs that pull the door out of balance
  • Failure of the door to open even when the opener motor is functioning

Even though you may not have given them a second thought in the past, it’s vital that you pay close attention to your garage door cables in the future. At the first sign of wear, you should have one of our technicians at Action Garage Door come do an inspection right away to see if repair or garage door cable replacement is needed.

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