Carriage House Garage Doors

When it comes to creating a stunning look for your home that has the charm of historic architectural elements, carriage house garage doors are the way to go. They are renowned for their immaculate style, eye-catching design, and incredible durability. 

Action Garage Door Repair Specialists is proud to offer high-quality carriage house garage doors from the most well-known manufacturers, such as Amarr By Design. All of our carriage house garage doors can either be made from beautiful natural wood that can be stained or painted to the color of your liking or made from the unparalleled strength of steel. Here is more information on our carriage house garage doors offered in Dallas/Fort Worth, Sherman, Austin, Houston, and surrounding areas:

Carriage House Style Garage Doors

Custom wood two car garage door

Carriage house-style garage doors offer homeowners a well-crafted door with a variety of decorative options. Designed to replicate the traditional look and feel of carriage house doors used in the 1800s, these garage doors offer a charming historical appeal that many homeowners love. 

Action Garage Door Repair Specialists offers carriage garage doors that can meet the stylistic needs of any Texas home. Whether you are looking to replicate the authentic barn-style door or want a simpler, refined carriage house styling, we have the solutions for you.

What Is the Cost of Carriage House Garage Doors?

Action Garage Door carries several lines of carriage house garage doors. The cost for these doors depends heavily on the needs and specifications of the garage door by the homeowner. Factors that go into the cost include the following:

  • The type of carriage garage door chosen
  • The materials used to install the garage door
  • Special hardware needed
  • Whether windows are going to be included in your garage door

Action Garage Door Repair Specialists offer competitive pricing to ensure we can match you with the perfect carriage house garage door that fits your budget. We back up all of our carriage house garage doors with the best warranties in the business, protecting your new garage doors and your investment. All of this is topped off with complimentary estimates on your new carriage house garage doors and openers.

What Does the Process Look Like to Install My New Carriage House Garage Door?

Two white carriage garage doors with windows on blue house

All of our garage door installations start with a consultation with one of our garage door representatives to get an understanding of the specific needs of your home. We then follow up this consultation with a written in-home estimate from the representative that worked with you. This quote is good for 30 days, allowing you the opportunity to look at other options. While we understand that shopping around helps protect your interests, we guarantee you will not find the same quality, competitive pricing, fantastic customer service, and unbeatable warranties as you can expect from Action Garage Door. 

Once you have chosen our team to install your gorgeous new carriage house garage doors, we order your doors from the manufacturer and set up a time for installation. You can guarantee that our team will treat your time and home with the utmost care and respect. We want this process to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Amarr Carriage House Garage Doors

Action Garage Door is proud to partner with Amarr, the best manufacturer in the garage door industry. All of their carriage house garage doors are of the highest quality and designed to help your home look its best while keeping up with the latest safety innovations to protect your family and home.

Amarr boasts six different carriage house lines for you to choose from. Each of these doors can be made with either western red cedar, MDO, or T1-11 as the base with a western red cedar overlay. All of the garage doors are shipped in their natural state, allowing for painting and staining to be per the homeowner’s choice. Clear-grade wood can be ordered at an additional charge. 

Carriage Court Carriage House Garage Doors

Built with 1-⅜” steel section and ⅝” composite overlay trim, these garage doors are designed to withstand the elements. They also feature heavy-gauge steel coated in a 5-layer paint system for long-lasting durability and to prevent the fading of color. They are also available to be made with the WindPro wind load reinforcements, which are specially designed to withstand high-wind pressures from severe storms making them the perfect choice for Texas’s spring and summertime storms.

Classica Carriage House Garage Doors

The innovative Classica Carriage House garage door collection features authentic carriage house styling with taller sections to create a more durable door with a modern feel. Classica offers the option of adding gorgeous windows to the garage door to help bring in natural lighting to your garage. It uses polyurethane insulation to help better keep the conditioned air inside of your garage to effectively reduce energy costs.

Hillcrest Carriage House Garage Doors

Half bucks, carriage style wooden garage install for new home in Flower Mound TX by the experts at Action Garage Door of Plano Texas

If you are looking for a durable but low-maintenance option, the Hillcrest Carriage House garage door collection is the right choice for you. It can be made from a single, double, or triple-layer construction to help boost durability against impact damage. Heavy-gauge, nominal steel is coated in a 5-layer paint system to protect it against fading colors and rust. These carriage house doors are also valued at affordable prices, helping homeowners find the perfect garage door without sacrificing their financial security.

Heritage Carriage House Garage Doors

Built with heavy-gauge, durable steel, the Heritage Carriage House garage door collection provides a low-maintenance garage door that does not sacrifice aesthetics. Like the Classica garage door, the Heritage collection can be made to include windows to help provide natural lighting.

Designer’s Choice Carriage House Garage Doors

Known for its superior energy efficiency, the Designer’s Choice carriage house garage door has an insulation R-value of 13.35 or 19.40 depending on the style. These durable, low-maintenance doors boast quiet operation. 

Carriage House Garage Doors Amarr

Amarr “By Design”

When it comes to customization, the Amarr By Design collection allows homeowners to match their unique style by choosing from 10 of the most popular carriage house garage door styles. Homeowners can combine a multitude of materials, window types, and custom hardware to create a one-of-a-kind door for their home. This exquisite collection can be reinforced with insulated glass, if the homeowners choose windows, to help improve energy efficiency. All of the materials available for this collection are designed to be durable and can be reinforced with the WindPro wind load reinforcement to increase their ability to withstand heavy winds during severe weather. 

Ready to Install Your Gorgeous New Carriage Garage Door?

When you are looking for a combination of unsurpassed durability with elegant style, the carriage house garage door is the way to go. The dedicated team at Action Garage Door Repair Specialists can help you find the perfect garage door for your home. Contact our team today for more information on our carriage house garage door styles!

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