How to Cool Down Your Garage This Summer

SchematicsIt is no secret that a Texas summer is intense. Many homeowners are looking at ways to minimize their cooling costs, which can be a fortune during the summer months. Luckily, there are some easy ways in which you can keep your garage cooler, which in turn keeps your home cooler.

Check Your Insulation

The most common reason for higher home cooling costs is it in properly insulated garage. Cool air that you are pumping into your home, escapes through the garage. With a properly insulated garage the cool air stays within the garage, and helps to stabilize your home’s temperature. Insulating your garage can be inexpensive and way worth the effort. Speak to your garage professionals about insulating your garage door today.

Garage Door Color

Your garage door color can help to cool your garage during the summer. Brighter colors help to reflect the heat from the sun. If you have a darker colored garage door, it may be worth it to change the color in order to save on your cooling bill.


Your garage may be hot from the inability of warm air to escape. You can fix this problem by installing ventilation in your garage. This will allow warm air to escape your garage and out the attic. This helps your garage stay cooler during the hot summer months. Having proper ventilation is good your roof as well.

Installing Accessories

Some people enjoy working in their garage, even during the summer months. Adding a fan in your garage can’t help keep the air circulating and therefore feel cooler. There are also portable small AC units you could place in your garage to keep it cooler.

If you need help keeping your garage cool this summer, Speak to a garage door professional. They will be able to help you with their experience and knowledge with garage doors and garages. Call Action Garage Door today at (877) 392-2590.