Do You Need an Insulated Garage Door?

Are you wondering whether you should get an insulated garage door? Insulated Garage Doors are the perfect solution for homeowners who want to maintain the temperature of their garage, reduce their overall energy costs, and improve the soundproofing of their garage as a whole. But an insulated garage door is more expensive than a traditional garage door, so you might be asking yourself whether you really need one. Here are a few reasons why a homeowner might see an insulated garage door as a solid investment:

If You Spend a Lot of Time In Your Garage

Are you the type to maintain a workshop in your garage? Or do you simply have a small garage retreat where you can relax and unwind? The more time you spend in your garage, the more important it is to have an insulated garage. Going in and out of your garage will expose your home to the temperatures within, and an insulated garage door will keep your garage comfortable without any additional utility costs.

If You Complete Loud Work In Your Garage

Do you do woodworking inside of your garage? Does your kid have a band? Or do you simply like to entertain? You can turn your entire garage into a home theater with the right insulation. An insulated garage door will keep sound from escaping your garage, unlike ordinary garage doors which do very little to limit the sounds. This can even be useful if you’re trying to keep sound out of your garage — such as if you want to build your own private space.

If You Live In a Particularly Cold or Hot Climate

The colder or hotter your climate, the more money your insulated garage door can save you. An insulated garage door will improve the energy efficiency of your entire home. Your garage isn’t just connected to your living spaces, but it’s also usually connected to your attic. Both hot and cold air inside of your garage will make it more difficult for you to maintain your home’s entire temperature, unless your garage itself is very well-insulated.

If You Want to Improve Energy Efficiency

Even homes that aren’t in particularly hot or cold areas will invariably see an improvement in energy efficiency. Though it may be slighter, it will still likely pay for itself over time. Even going in and out of your garage as necessary can affect your home’s temperature. A garage that has an ordinary garage door will ultimately leak the home’s hot or cold air and will generally equalize to the outside temperatures: it’s like having an interior door that opens directly to the outside world.

If You Need a More Durable Door

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Insulated garage doors are generally more durable than regular garage doors. Regular garage doors will dent and bend; they are usually made out of a single piece of very thin metal. Insulated garage doors have multiple sheets of metal and insulation inside of those sheets. These doors will last a very long time — so it isn’t just about comfort and energy savings, it’s also about longevity. You will likely find that an insulated door will need to be replaced less often and will need fewer repairs and less maintenance when compared to a regular, non-insulated garage door.

Still not sure whether you need an insulated garage door? Contact the experts at Action Garage Door today to find out more about the benefits and any potential drawbacks. In general, an insulated garage door will save money and decrease maintenance costs over time, but a consultation is a good idea. Action Garage Door can help you determine not only whether or not you truly need an insulated garage door, but also what type of insulation you need. There are multiple types of insulated garage door depending on both cost and quality.

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