Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

A steel garage door that's been painted black with the words "Insulated Garage Doors"One of the best methods to improve the look and value of your home is to have a new garage door installed. An attractive, high-quality garage door can actually provide a 75 percent return on investment.

Choosing the right garage door can sometimes be a challenge because there are so many colors, styles, and materials available. The benefit of this wide array of options is that it allows you to get exactly what you need to meet the needs and match the aesthetics of your home or business. One of the best options for your residential or commercial garage is an insulated door. There are several benefits to this kind of garage door, and it may be just what you need to improve your home or business.

Energy Efficiency

Since an insulated garage door allows homeowners to block out outside elements and keep air from escaping the garage, this type of garage door saves homeowners money on their energy bill; these savings could be as much as 20 percent annually. An insulated garage door also keeps the garage from being too cold in winter and too hot in summer. Because temperatures in the Texas area are known to get quite high, it’s important to keep your garage from getting too hot.

Noise Reduction

Good insulation also has sound dampening properties. This feature could be handy if someone lives or works above a garage and doesn’t want to hear noise coming from it on a regular basis. Likewise, someone who works with tools or plays loud music in the garage may not want to disturb their neighbors, and an insulated garage door can prevent noise from escaping. Insulation can also reduce noise from the street, such as loud cars going by, noisy conversations, or people playing in their driveways.

Extra Durability

Insulation can provide extra padding to a garage door, which can make it even stronger. In the case of commercial doors, the extra layer of protection in roll-up garage doors can be a good way to make it even more difficult for unauthorized people to access the business. A more durable door can also withstand greater levels of damage, such as a dent from a ball thrown at it or a ding from a car that got too close.

If you’re interested in replacing your garage door with an insulated version, contact Action Garage Door today. They can fit garages of any size with an insulated door that meets your needs and style preferences. Call them today to learn more about the benefits that an insulated garage door can offer you.