The Importance of Weather Sealing Your Garage Door

If we lived in North Dakota instead of South Texas, there would be no questioning the need to keep our garage doors properly sealed against the elements. As it is, however, here at Action Garage Door Repair Specialists, we know the advantages that accrue for homeowners who keep their garage doors weather sealed.

A home’s garage door is usually the largest “hole” in a home’s defenses against heating and cooling losses. It also serves as one of the best ways for bugs and other flying pests to gain entry into the house. Weather sealing prevents both of these issues.

Save Monthly with Proper Maintenance

Naturally, garage door maintenance is about more than just efficiency and peace of mind, it is also about durability and appearance. Houston garage doors are exposed to extreme weather conditions that can rapidly degrade their appearance and functionality. But with proper maintenance, your doors will stay looking and functioning as good as the day you purchased them.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Getting your current garage doors to operate like new again is one of our specialties, as is replacing rotted old doors with new steel garage doors that offer secure protection. No matter what your garage door service needs may be, our repair technicians can do it all.

  • We offer a complete package of weather sealing and environmental protection of existing garage doors.
  • Our reliable service department offers speedy replacement of inoperable or improperly operating parts, including all manner of door opener systems.
  • We also are experts at removing old garage doors and replacing them with brand new ones. All of this is on a single service call so you are not inconvenienced or left exposed during the evening hours.

Action Garage Door Repair Specialists has been Houston’s premier sales, service, and replacement experts for many years. Call us today for immediate service and fast, free estimates. In the Houston area, we can be reached at 713-589-5090.