The Importance of Weather Sealing Your Garage Door

One of the biggest causes of rising energy costs in a home is the loss of conditioned air from poorly insulated areas, such as windows or doors. While most Texans understand the importance of keeping these areas properly sealed to ensure that their cool air stays inside their home, garage doors are often the most overlooked. New two-storied gray brick cottage with garage on first floor.

A home’s garage door is usually the largest ‘hole’ that causes heating and cooling loss. It also serves as a personal entryway for bugs and other flying pests to get into your home. Thankfully, advancements in the industry have created weather-sealing solutions which can help properly protect your home from insects while also ensuring your valuable conditioned air stays inside of your home. The team at Action Garage Door Repair Specialists understand the importance of ensuring that your garage door is properly weather sealed and are strong advocates for it. We understand that your home relies on your HVAC units to do their job properly while helping to keep energy costs low. If your garage door is letting out air, then it may be time to check the weather seal for corrosion or to see if it needs to be replaced.

Still not sure if a weather seal is worth the cost? Here is a guide on the importance of weather-sealing your garage door:

What Is a Garage Door Weather Seal?

A garage door weather seal, also known as garage door weatherstripping, is a sturdy piece of vinyl that goes around the top and bottom sides of your garage door to create a tight seal. This seal is designed to keep insects and critters out of the garage while keeping conditioned air in.

What Are the Benefits of Weatherstripping?

Ensuring that you’re weatherstripping on your garage door is in good health carries a lot of benefits that protect your investments inside your garage and home. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from ensuring that your garage door is weather sealed properly:

Protect Your Valuables from the Elements

Your vehicle is an important and expensive investment that needs to be protected and kept in good shape. If you keep your car in your garage to protect it from the elements, you will want to ensure that the weatherstripping on your garage door is in good shape. Otherwise, pollen, debris, and dust can get blown into your garage and stick to your car. While this doesn’t initially harm your care, over time, it can strip the paint and force you to invest in car washes more often.

Your garage door weather seal also does as the name implies and keeps inclement weather out of your garage door. This is important to ensure that moisture, cold and hot air, and critters, such as mice and rats, don’t find their way into your garage and chew up your cardboard boxes, rust tools, or tear through clothes and furniture.

Protect Your Garage Door

Your garage door is an extremely important investment that needs to be cared for properly. Without weatherstripping, your garage door can suffer water damage during heavy rain.

Weather sealing your garage door also helps protect your garage door from impact damage, as it keeps the bottom of the garage door from coming into direct impact with the concrete floor. This cushion will extend the lifespan of your garage door and ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

Protect Your Projects or Extra Living Spaces

Old wooden garage door

Homeowners view their garages as more than just a storage space for valuables. They also serve as an expanded living space. From man caves to watch the big game to workshops for cars or other projects, a garage is a truly versatile space. Having weatherstripping on your garage door can ensure that your added living space is protected not only from the elements but helps control the temperature of the garage as well.

If you have heating and cooling in your garage, a weather seal will ensure that your conditioned air stays inside of your garage and that outside air stays out, keeping your garage at the perfect temperature, saving on cooling costs, and making every moment in your garage a comfortable one.

Outside noise is also softened thanks to a weather seal, as it ensures that outdoor vibrations are absorbed in the seal and not finding their way in through the cracks. This helps create a peaceful environment for you to enjoy your space and not worry about the party going on at your neighbor’s from across the street.

Keep the Pests Out

One of the biggest advantages of weatherstripping is the fact that it helps keep pests out of the garage. From bugs to small rodents, creatures will often seek shelter from the elements and choose your garage as their new landing space. Proper weatherstripping prevents gaps and openings from which they can enter, making these freeloaders find another place to take up residence.

Are You in Need of a Weatherstripping Replacement Service?

While weatherstripping is made of strong vinyl material, over time it will suffer wear and tear. Cracks, sagging, or peeling can cause gaps in which inclement weather and pests find their way in, making your garage door and its valuables vulnerable to damage. Put a stop to it by calling on your dedicated team of garage door repair specialists at Action Garage Door Repair Specialists to come in and help you replace your weather seal. We only use the strongest materials in the trade to ensure that your garage door and your investments are protected. Contact our team today for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment!

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