How Your Garage Door Operates

Garage Door OperationIf you have a home with a garage, you know that your garage provides valuable space for your vehicles, lawn equipment, and storage. Since you go in and out of the garage constantly, it’s important that your garage door operates properly. Action Garage Door Repair Specialists can provide expert installation and garage door services for Dallas garage doors.

Your garage door contains several components that keep it going up and down—the springs, tracks, brackets, and drive mechanism. All of these parts combine in a single motion to keep your door working correctly.

The Springs

The springs provide the strength to lift the weight of the door. There are two types:

  • two springs – extension springs – one on each side of the door. These springs are typically used on single-car garages since they are not always strong enough to lift a double-car garage door.
  • one spring – tension springs – one long spring running across the top of the door. This spring winds up into a coil as the door closes. It is a very high tension spring that can be dangerous and should only be serviced by a professional.

The Tracks and Brackets

  • vertical and horizontal tracks – held in place by track hangers, hinges, and screws. These components work with the springs and drive mechanism to provide proper door operation.

The Drive Mechanisms

  • chain drive – the least expensive and most popular mechanism.
  • screw drive – operation is the slowest and least popular.
  • belt drive – the most expensive mechanism, but popular for its smooth and quiet operation.

You can add a garage door opener to any of these drive mechanisms. If you’re leaving your house or returning home on a rainy night, a garage door opener will keep you dry and safe entering your garage.

Once your Dallas garage doors are installed, they will last a long time with little maintenance. However, you should oil the bearings and keep the springs lubricated with WD-40 regularly.

If you need garage door repair services, Action Garage Door Repair Specialists has professional technicians to help you. As a family operated business, we have been serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 1984. Please give us a call at 972-254-4040.