Tips for Selecting a New Garage Door Opener

With so many homeowners entering their homes from the garage instead of the front door, choosing a garage door opener deserves careful attention. At Action Garage Door Repair Specialists, we’re often asked for advice on how to select the best garage door opener. Here’s how to choose.

Horsepower and Speed

Your new garage door opener will need to have enough horsepower to lift your garage door. Most residential garage doors require a ½-horsepower motor while commercial and solid wood doors require a ¾-horsepower motor. In addition to power, also consider speed. Most openers open at a rate of six to seven inches per second, but if you don’t like waiting around, opt for a model that doubles to 14 inches per second.

Safety and Security

With your family using the garage door daily, it’s essential that you put safety and security first. Opt for a garage door that has a built-in safety system that protects against accidental closings and entrapments. There are also security features that protect the home from break-ins and theft. For example, garages that utilize rolling code technology have the highest degree of security. Also stick to garage door openers that have the conveniences of remotes and wireless keypads.

Quiet Performance

If you have bedrooms built over your garage, you’ll want your garage door installation in Dallas to be super smooth. The performance of the garage door opener is dependent on the type of drive you choose. Belt drives use a rubber belt to open and close the doors, making them the quietest. Screw drives are just as dependable, but they are louder since they use a metal post threaded like a screw. A chain drive is the most affordable, but also the loudest since it relies on a metal chain.

At Action Garage Door Repair Specialists, we can help you select the best garage door opener for your needs. Call us today at 972-254-4040 to schedule your appointment.