Understanding the Four Main Parts of Your Garage Door Opener

garage door openerWhen it comes to maintaining your garage door system, it is important to get well acquainted with the four basic components of your garage door opener. Knowing the different parts of the system and how they work will help you notice minor issues and get them resolved before they turn into major malfunctions. Here are the four basic components of your garage door opener and how they work:


There are two different types of garage door springs; torsion and extension.

Torsion springs are located directly above the garage door and attached perpendicular to the tracks. These springs are newer and have become the standard springs on newer garage doors. They are much safer and have a longer lifespan.

Extension springs can still be found on older garage doors. These springs are located parallel to the end of the track. These springs are far more dangerous if and when they break. They can cause damage to the garage, vehicles in the garage, or a person if they happen to be in the garage when they break. Customers that have this type of spring system are always advised to convert over to a torsion spring system.

Regardless of what type of garage door spring you have, it is important to note that this part of your garage door is extremely dangerous. These powerful springs can result in the dismembering of fingers and should never be handled by inexperienced individuals. If your garage door spring is showing signs of warping, rusting, or aging, it is important to contact a professional to handle repairs or replacements.

Galvanized Aircraft Cable (GAC)

The Galvanized Aircraft Cable is the metal cable that connects the garage door to the motor. These cables are the most common type of cable used on a garage door and they can be upgraded to be made of stainless steel. If you are unsure if your garage door’s galvanized aircraft cable is in good shape, there is a simple inspection you can do. First, close your garage door and then check over the cable. The cable shouldn’t show any signs of fraying or wear, and if it does, it needs to be replaced.

If the cable does completely become undone, the garage door won’t be able to move up or down, so it is important to get it checked regularly.


The most common issue that garage door owners face is with the rollers and the track. The rollers and the track are responsible for ensuring that the door stays straight when it ascends or descends. Due to the strain that the rollers and track are constantly under, they are the most vulnerable to wear and prone to damage. When you are inspecting your garage door, make sure the garage door is in the closed position. Next, check the garage door rollers for signs of cracks, flat sides, or signs that it may be stuck.

Another thing to do is to make sure you check the track. If the joints are showing gaps or signs of unevenness, then they need to be repaired. These problems can eventually prevent you from opening or closing the door or cause it to close extremely slowly. Before you end your inspection, run your fingers over the track to see if there are any bumps or dents. If you feel any, then it is time for a track replacement by your trusted garage door repair specialist.

The Motor

The motor is the operating force behind your garage door. If you notice excessive noise, such as squeaking or clanking, it may be time for a replacement. If your garage door won’t open and close and you have a feeling that it is the motor, there is a safe way to check. Switch the door to manual mode by pulling the red handle. Next, try raising or lowering the garage door. If it moves, then the motor is the problem, and if it doesn’t, it may be a problem with the springs, rollers, or tracks.  A trusted garage door specialist, such as the team at Action Garage Door, can help you replace your garage door motor. We can also handle spring replacement or repairs, new garage door installation, or track and roller repairs or replacements.

When it comes to keeping your garage door running strong all year round, routine maintenance from our team goes a long way. Contact our team today to schedule your garage door maintenance check or for spring replacement services.

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