The First Signs of Garage Door Trouble

Garage Door Maintenance

Many homeowners rely on their garage door for a multitude of different purposes. Some individuals use their garage as the main entryway of their home. Others store priceless family heirloom items or expensive recreational equipment, such as golf carts and kayaks, within their garage. Still others use their garage as their workspace, fixing up cars or bikes. Whatever the garage is used for, most individuals don’t pay much attention to their garage door until there is an obvious problem.

One of the best ways to save money and stay safe is to prevent the need for major fixes with your garage door. Here are some warning signs to keep a lookout for that will tip you off that your garage door may need a tune-up.

1. Your Garage Door Is Operating Slowly

If you notice that your garage door’s response time is getting slower, then it may be time to call in professional garage door repairmen to check it out. A garage door should only take a few seconds to open or close once you give the direction through the garage door opener. A garage door that is taking longer than this, or that has any jerks during the opening or closing sequence, could have a problem with the springs or tracks.

2. The Garage Door Is Making Strange Sounds

It is normal for a garage door to make some noise while opening and closing, but the noise shouldn’t be so loud that it becomes distracting. Sounds such as grinding, grating, or rumbling can be a warning sign of springs starting to go bad. Popping sounds could be a sign that there is something caught in the tracks, while squeaking or rustling noises could indicate there is a problem with either the hinges or railings. 

Always contact a garage door repair specialist to investigate the source of the noises you are hearing. Our experts highly discourage any attempts at DIY repairs, as doing so could lead to further damages, cause injury to yourself or others, and lead to even more expensive repairs that could have been avoided. 

3. Garage Door Is Starting to Sag

Sagging is a common garage door problem, but it should never go unchecked or uncorrected. A sagging garage door will eventually become unbalanced which could prevent it from opening or closing while also placing more strain on the hardware. Sagging garage doors also leave openings for pests, meaning that your garage door may also become a home for rodents. 

How to Check If Your Garage Door Is Unbalanced

If you suspect that your garage door is unbalanced, there is an easy and safe way you can check. You can open the garage door manually and leave it halfway open. If the garage door stays still, it is still balanced properly. If the garage door moves a bit either rising or falling, then this is a sign that there is uneven pressure on the springs and it requires repairs. 

The Best Way to Avoid Major Garage Door Repairs is Annual Maintenance

Our team at Action Garage Door Repair Specialists works hard to ensure that all of our clients have safe and functional garage doors to keep them and their families safe. By taking advantage of our scheduled maintenance services, you can help prevent major garage door malfunctions and costly repairs. Our team knows how to spot problems before they arise and address the problem area most effectively. We then share what issues we found with you and give you more information on how to avoid them in the future to help you and yours stay as safe as possible. Contact our team for more information or to schedule your maintenance services today!

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