Signs of Garage Door Trouble That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Garage Door ProblemsMost people use their garage doors daily without thinking about how well the door is working. Often, Dallas homeowners don’t realize that they need a garage door repair or replacement until an obvious problem develops.  At Action Garage Door, we know that noticing and fixing problems early is the best way to save money and eliminate safety hazards. Here are a few warning signs that can indicate garage door problems.

Everyday Warning Signs

 Every time that you use your garage door, you should be aware of how it sounds and moves. Especially pay attention to whether your garage door is overly loud, slow to start moving, or prone to sticking. All of these are good cause to schedule an inspection from a Dallas garage door specialist.

Problems That Require a Closer Look

A few problems will require more effort to catch.  You should inspect your garage door at least twice a year for cracks, holes, and warping. Internal decay can destroy the door, while significant bending can let anything from cold air to pests into your home. If your garage door is older, you can check its balance by disconnecting your door from the opener and manually lifting it halfway up. If the door holds, your springs are wearing evenly, but if one side drops, your door needs repair work.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to call Action Garage Door. If you miss a crucial sign and find that your garage door no longer works, we also offer fast services. Give us a call at 972-254-4040 to get the fast and expert help that you need.