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Garage Door Repair in Plano TXOur garage door repair company offers a complete line of top quality garage doors, including traditional raised panel doors, carriage house garage doors, and contemporary styles. With hundreds of garage door designs to choose from, Action Garage Doors in the Plano area makes it easy for you to find and purchase the right door for your style!

As a garage door repair company that is committed to customer satisfaction, nobody beats Action Garage Door. Our family-owned business has been satisfying customers for 30 years and we are waiting to help you find the services you need for your garage door in Plano.

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No matter what type of Plano garage door repair service you need, our experts have the tools and knowledge needed to get your job done right the first time. We always ensure that our work complies with local codes, and we use durable products designed to withstand even the harshest Texas weather.

Garage Door Repair Services in Plano, TX

Action Garage Doors services on residential and commercial garage doors with installation and repair in Plano Texas a suburb of Dallas on the north east sideA malfunctioning garage door can cause serious complications, from restricting access to your car and to putting your belongings at risk of theft or damage. Fortunately, the professionals at Action Garage Door are here to help with garage door repair in Plano, TX.

Since 1984, our family-owned company has helped thousands of people throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With a 30-year track record of going above and beyond our customers’ expectations, we guarantee that we’ll deliver efficient and reliable garage door services you need to solve any garage door problem.

Servicing garage doors in the sprawling and fast-growing DFW northern suburbs, including Plano, is a big job – one where the Action Garage Door team of technicians excels. We specialize in the function and repair of most major brands of rolling garage doors. Our professional service team will respond quickly and professionally, assess the problem, and have your garage door operational once again in the shortest possible time.

When you call Action Garage Door for garage door repair services in Plano, we’ll come to your home or business, carefully analyze the problem and design a solution that fits your needs. We can provide a wide range of services, including:

Garage Door Installation Services in Plano TX

garage door installed in plano, txWe also represent quality manufacturers and offer a full line of wood, steel and custom doors for your replacement and new construction needs. Let us help you select they style, price and specific quality doors that will meet your specific needs. For both residential and commercial applications, we have a number of options that are appropriate, in standard sizes as well as for unique installations. When you’re building new or remodeling, be sure to call Action Garage Door. Our sales staff will work with you to find cost-effective, stylish solutions for all your garage door needs.

We offer a variety of reliable, stylish garage doors to satisfy many different needs and tastes. Our diverse selection includes:

When you work with Action Garage Door, we will help you find or design a door that serves as a perfect complement to your Plano home or office and provides years of enjoyment and utility.

Emergency or After-Hours Garage Door Repair

We understand that our customers have no time to wait for repairs when a door slips off its track or a pulley snaps. We offer emergency service as a 24-hour response when needed; all you have to do is call. Likewise, if your residential or commercial garage door is damaged, has a broken window, needs a panel replaced, or you’ve lost your opener, we will respond as quickly as possible to make the necessary repairs.

Plano, Texas: A Growing Phenomenon

Plano is a phenomenon of growth, even for the expanding Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. A sleepy farming community in the early 1970s located approximately 20 miles northwest of downtown Dallas, it experienced unprecedented growth that catapulted it into the forefront of boom times that have slowed only recently. Today, with a population of approximately 275,000, it has become its own city, the ninth-largest in Texas.

Over the past four decades, Plano has experienced some growing pains and problems, but it addressed them courageously, emerging strong and vibrant. Early in its growth cycle, the school district implemented an unusual pattern for its schools, building two-year senior high school campuses modeled on the pattern of community colleges. Intervening years have brought some adjustments, but the quality of the schools is still one of the reasons families choose Plano as a place to live.

Living in Plano, TX

city of plano, texasAnother primary reason for choosing Plano is that it is possible to live, work, shop and “play” without ever leaving the city. Major corporate campuses and huge shopping malls are as plentiful in Plano as golf course communities, parks and recreation centers, gated housing developments, restaurants and sports facilities. There are also mom and pop eateries, funky boutiques, big box stores, ball fields and entertainment complexes, hiking and biking trails, farmstead museums and historic attractions.

In short, whether you’re nine or 90, in school, in business or retired, you’ll be able to find a reason to love living in Plano.

Corporate Appeal and Continuing Growth

Ross Perot saw the potential of Plano when he moved the headquarters of EDS from Dallas to a new location in Plano, known then as Legacy Business Park. Subsequently, Plano attracted other major corporations and the list of firms with headquarters in the city today is a virtual Who’s Who of Business. Hewlett-Packard Co. acquired what had been EDS in 2008, and today operates worldwide as HP Enterprise Services from its Plano offices. In 2016, both JP Morgan Chase and Fannie Mae announced plans to move to Plano, bringing an anticipated 7,000 new jobs to the city.

plano-towerPlano is huge by any measuring stick you can imagine. But, according to city planners, it will soon be bursting at the seams. In other words, there is no land left for new developments, and the growth spurt will necessarily end. Expansion has already spilled over into neighboring towns that become, in effect, bedroom communities to the “big city” of Plano.

Because Plano experienced such rapid growth, most of the housing stock is quite new and, although there is relatively little new construction, there are highly desirable modern homes and neighborhoods available for newcomers to the area. Well-placed neighborhood schools encourage a sense of community, and city parks, playgrounds, ball fields, recreation centers and libraries cater to the needs of local residents.

A community college district serves Plano students and residents from nearby communities. Rebranded as Collin College in 2006, it has grown along with the city. At its inception in 1985, about 5,000 students were enrolled; today its several campuses serve 53,000 credit and continuing education students annually.

Beyond the Borders of Plano

Although it is unique in many ways, Plano residents have the entire expanse of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to explore and enjoy. Just to the east is Lake Ray Hubbard, with an abundant appeal for fishing, boating, and outdoor activities, and to the west are Lake Lewisville and Lake Dallas with similar appeal. Lake Texoma, on the border of Texas and Oklahoma, is less than an hour north, and downtown Dallas and Fort Worth are equally accessible to the south.

Small town Texas is also well-represented, with historic homes and businesses, wineries and ranch land all within “a stone’s throw” of this affluent urban community.

Living in Plano means that you can “have it your way,” whatever that way may mean to you

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Action Garage Door Repair Specialists Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 1045 customer reviews

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Awesome service, very knowledgeable and friendly technician

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

PlanoTX75025 33.0925-96.77

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Good tech very detail oriented

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

PlanoTX75093 33.055-96.8425

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Technician needs some people skills and patience

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Havent seen work yet but seems to be working. Technician wanted immediate payment b4 job was even started. Very pushy and annoying. Estimate was missing detail, all of it. Been a customer for maybe close to 30 yrs, have 3 residences that have been worked on by company. Not really happy at all about treatment. May consider alternative. Wont handle rudeness or smartass. Price seemed high based on estimate or work. Not sure what was really done.

PlanoTX75023 33.045-96.7075

Response from Action Garage Door Repair Specialists:

Gordon, Per our conversation just now I'm truly sorry that you had a sour experience with your technician. I'm glad that we were happy to discuss it in full and that we were able to retain you as a customer. Please let me know if there is anything you need and we will be here for you.

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Josh is Awesome!

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Josh knows what the hell he is doing! Great knowledge and service.

PlanoTX75024 33.0725-96.7925

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good service

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Kevin is knowledgeable and skillful. He answered all questions I had informatively.

PlanoTX75024 33.09-96.7775

Map of Plano, TX 75025

We were notified in advance of arrivel

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

PlanoTX75025 33.08-96.7475

Map of Plano, TX 75075

Very happy with service, and price

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Josh was very accommodating! Did a great job, right on time! I would recommend you!

PlanoTX75075 33.0375-96.745

Map of Plano, TX 75075

Excellent Service

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

This install was not a quick and easy install by no means. Our tech was very thorough and upbeat throughout the install. He took his time and provided a quality install. We are very pleased with his diligence and end results!

PlanoTX75075 33.0225-96.75

Map of Plano, TX 75023

Impeccable service as always!

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Vester did an amazing job - was professional, kept us informed of all the improvements made and walked me step by step through the process.

PlanoTX75023 33.0625-96.735

Map of Plano, TX 75074

Professional, took care my concerns seriously and promptly

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

I appreciate that Action Garage Door Repair specialist showed up first thing in the morning to address concerns I had of my install and the Teck made sure I was setup correctly. He took the time to show me how the units should operate and even helped setup my phone app for my camera. He wasn't satisfied until I was and I appreciated that. Thank you.

PlanoTX75074 33.045-96.65

ok service today

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Action garage did an awesome installation for me 2years ago, that I decided to use them again, but was disappointed by the Tech who wanted to leave me with a poorly finished installation. I wasn't pleased.

PlanoTX75074 33.045-96.65

door repair

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Ryan was great

PlanoTX75023 33.0425-96.7575

Great employee satisfied with work done

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

PlanoTX75023 33.0425-96.7575

Love the new door!

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

We were way overdue for a new garage door. Action did a great job helping us get the best price and scheduling the install around the holidays. The install went really well, and we are so pleased with the results.

PlanoTX75075 33.015-96.76

Kevin did a great job and was helpful

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

PlanoTX75093 33.0425-96.85

Great Servicev

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

PlanoTX75093 33.0425-96.85

Great service from vestor

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Came on on Christmas Eve day. Troubleshooted the issue and worked diligently to fix it.

PlanoTX75093 33.0375-96.78

Great Service

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

PlanoTX75094 33.0075-96.6275


Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

PlanoTX75074 33.04-96.6825

Great Service!!!

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Action Garage Door Repair always does an outstanding job for our company!!!

PlanoTX75074 33.01-96.69

Great Service, very professional

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

He arrived on time, pleasant greeting, got right to work. He explained the current state of my garage door and provided sound recommendations.

PlanoTX75024 33.0675-96.855

Awesome Service

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Tech did a great job installing my garage on short notice.

PlanoTX75074 33.05-96.6425

Great service awsome price

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Friendly staff

PlanoTX75093 33.035-96.775


Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

Collin is very customer service oriented. I have been very happy with your company the times I have needed your company.

PlanoTX75093 33.04-96.7775

Great service

Review of Action Garage Door Repair Specialists

He did a great job showed up on time and finished strong! Really appreciate him!

PlanoTX75093 33.0325-96.795