How to Properly Clean Your Garage Door

A gorgeous white garage door with the words, how to clean your garage door.Spring has sprung, and so has the cleaning that goes with it. When preparing to show off your beautiful home amidst the growing flowers and green grass, don’t forget your garage door. It can enhance your home’s visual appeal. However, when dirt and grime begin to build, your garage can start looking like a Halloween prop instead of an accessory to a gorgeous home.

How do you safely clean your garage door? The garage door repair specialists at Action Garage Door have some tricks that you can use to ensure that your garage door is sparkling this spring.

Wash the Surface and Windows With Mild Soap

Your garage door has a painted surface to help its color to pop. Strong detergents can eat away at paint and seals around the windows, leaving your garage door having insulation issues as well as looking neglected. Instead, it is best to use a mild liquid soap, such as car washing or dishwashing soap. A sponge or a soft brush can help you remove grime and dirt without harming the paint on your garage door.

For More Stubborn Dirt

If you have spots of road salt, oil stains, or dirt, you may need a stronger cleaner. Mix simple green with water to create a diluted soap that will help eat away the dirt without touching the paint. Thoroughly rinse your garage door once you are done.

Word of Caution: some individuals will swear by using a power washer but this is a terrible idea. Power washers can create dents, chip paint, and in some cases, crack or break windows. It is best to avoid a power washer altogether when cleaning your garage door, even if it has a lower setting. Accidents can happen, and the consequences could be costly.

Make Sure to Visibly Inspect Your Garage Door

While you are cleaning your garage door, look for rust or signs of impact damage. Not only are rust and dents a visual eyesore, but they can also lead to large problems in the future. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, contact your specialists at Action Garage Door for repair options.

Weatherstripping keeps your garage door insulated and guards against pests, such as rodents and insects. If you are cleaning your garage door and notice that your weatherstripping is worn or torn, call our team to get a replacement right away. Higher energy bills and insect and rodent infestations could result if the problem is left unresolved.

Clean the Areas Around Your Garage Door

After you clean your garage door, clean the area around it to help prevent items or clutter from blocking the garage door’s path or causing damage to the track.

If you notice any problems with your springs, opener, or track while you are cleaning around your garage door, give Action Garage Door a call. Our dedicated team can help you repair or replace broken parts and get your garage door back up and running before spring comes to full bloom. Contact us today for an estimate or a thorough garage door inspection!