Keep Off These Repairs On Your Garage Door

New two-storied gray brick cottage with garage on first floor.Today, most homes in the U.S. have a garage door. Garage doors have literally become more of a necessity than a luxury. In fact, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development conducted a survey that found 80% of American homes either have a garage or carport.

And just like any other man-made structure, garage doors are bound to break down once in a while no matter how well they are designed or constructed. In most cases, homeowners rush to try DIY guides when faced with a garage malfunction or damage. DIY guides are not bad at all, but it’s good to understand when and when not to attempt a DIY project on your garage door.

Practicing Garage Door Safety

There are certain parts or sections of the garage door that you should keep off. Remember, according to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, over 7,000 people each year visit hospitals as a result of injuries by garage doors.

Most of these injuries emanate from malfunctioning doors, others from careless handling of garage doors, and others from ill-advised DIY guides as one tries to save money on professional repairs. It is always advisable that you consult a professional garage door repair company to be on the safe side. After all, you will most likely spend less than you would have spent in a hospital treating a garage door-related injury. Here is what to avoid handling by yourself on a garage door.

Broken garage door springs and cables

Unless you have a background in repairing garage doors, these are two areas that you should leave only to the professionals. Garage door springs and cables can break after many years of use, especially if they are not well maintained, and pose a great danger to anyone operating the garage door.

Broken garage door springs and cables repair should only be left to the professionals because of the dangers involved. Both the springs and cables have built up tension that can cause damage and injury if not handled right. Plus, if they are not installed correctly, they end up doing more harm to the garage door while at the same time posing a risk to you and your family.

Off-track garage doors

An off-track garage door is a safety hazard to anyone operating it. When your garage door runs off its tracks, it means there is a bigger underlying problem that may be difficult for you to point out. Trying to place it back on its track may result in your fingers being crushed between joints or having the whole door fall on you.

It is a risky endeavor that you don’t want to try. Call an a garage door repair expert instead and keep yourself safe.

Worn-out rollers

You may notice that your garage door makes squeaking sounds or jerky movements when being rolled up/down or sideways. This is a result of worn-out rollers. They may seem easy to replace by yourself, but in reality, they are not. You may end up destroying other hardware on the door and getting injured in the process.

Always leave these kinds of repairs to professionals. They know how to access the problem, resolve it effectively, and even root out any potential future problems that your doors were bound to face.

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