Five Top Reasons For Being Late to Work and Ways to Prevent It

OversleepingIn many lines of work, lateness is no small matter. It could cause you to lose pay, vacation time or your supervisor’s confidence. If you own a business, a late arrival may result in lost sales and disgruntled customers. A wide range of problems can trigger lateness, such as inclement weather or medical issues. However, it’s more frequently caused by heavy traffic and mechanical failures.

Dead Automotive Battery

If you drive a car to your workplace, a defunct battery will certainly disrupt your commute. Try to replace it before failure occurs. Slow cranking or dim lights may signal that it will die imminently. Unfortunately, batteries don’t always provide a warning. If your battery is old or worn, consider asking an auto parts store to test it. Buy replacement units that come with long-term warranties.

Defunct Garage Door Opener

You might arrive at work late if you have to spend time figuring out how to manually open your garage door. Common opener problems include electrical failures and limit-switch issues. To minimize such risks, perform regular maintenance. Chamberlain suggests that owners lubricate their openers and doors each year. It also recommends a monthly balance test. If a door has alignment or balance problems, it requires professional garage door repair service.

School-Related Traffic

When school reopens after a long vacation, sudden traffic changes can surprise commuters. It often takes longer to reach destinations when buses, parents and students enter the streets. Motorists need to wait patiently as children cross the road to reach school buildings or buses. To prepare, find out when local schools open and close. Leave extra time or adjust your route to avoid lateness.

The Snooze Button

When you wake up, you probably feel the temptation to push a certain button on your alarm clock. The problem is that “snoozing” raises the likelihood of lateness and doesn’t really provide much beneficial sleep. The right solution is different for each person. You could promise yourself that you’ll never hit the button more than once, or try using a clock without this function. Avoid staying up late; adequate sleep will make the button less appealing.

Your Alarm Didn’t Work

This may happen if you mistakenly set the wrong alarm time. For instance, you might select 6 p.m. rather than 6 a.m. A power outage could also cause this problem. Even a one-second blackout will reset the time on most digital clocks. If you don’t already have one, buy a clock with a backup battery that supplies the necessary power during outages. Keep in mind that these units eventually need replacement. To test your backup battery, unplug the alarm clock for 10 seconds and see if it remembers the time when you reconnect it.

The bottom line is that you can avoid lateness by planning ahead and leaving extra time to compensate for unexpected problems. If a malfunctioning garage door has disrupted your commute, Action Garage Door Repair Specialists can help. We have repaired door mechanisms and openers in Texas for over three decades. Please contact us for expert assistance.

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