Why Your Garage Door Needs a Tune Up

Green and Blue Garage DoorsYour garage door goes through a lot during the year. From dings and bumps to the constantly changing weather, all of these stressors can take its toll. Over time, your garage cables can fray, tracks can bend, and springs may lose their tension. These damages can cause your garage door to malfunction and lead to costly repairs. Faulty garage doors also have a higher potential to harm you and your family. Here are some more reasons why your garage door needs a tune-up.

Safety of the Home

Garage doors are beneficial in that they provide your home with an extra entry and exit that is safe from the elements. However, when your garage door will not open or close due to damage or a faulty part, your home and family become vulnerable. Not only can intruders make use of an open garage door, but pests, snakes, and rats can, as well. This leaves your home susceptible to theft and insect or animal infestation.

A garage door that won’t open is also dangerous in cases of an emergency; you never want to be in the position where your garage door is the obstacle that is separating your family from safety and disaster. Instead, if your garage door isn’t operating properly, it is time to call in experienced garage door technicians. They can help you locate the source of the problem and repair it quickly.

Your Safe Haven Is Disrupted By Strange Noises

Many people like to transform their garage into their safe haven. Whether that means having a workspace for projects or a recreational room with games, the garage provides the perfect opportunity for extra space. That safe haven can be disrupted though when your garage door is making strange sounds. Scraping or grinding noises are often caused by rusting hardware, debris on the tracks, or hardware that has become loose.

You Are Late to Appointments Because of a Slow Garage Door

Many individuals like to park their vehicles in the garage to protect them from inclement weather. However, when your garage door is not running as it should or is moving very slowly, then it can put you at risk of running late to appointments or work. This frustration can be avoided with a quick tune-up and yearly inspection by your trusted garage door specialists.

Your Garage Keeps Flooding When It Rains

When heavy rain comes rolling through, you expect the weatherstripping at the bottom of the door to keep your garage dry. Over time, this weatherstripping can become brittle or cracked, allowing water to seep in. Not only does this lead to a wet garage but it can also encourage mold and mildew to grow. Mold and mildew can bring negative health effects such as nausea, respiratory irritation or issues, and headaches. Having a trusted garage door specialist replace the faulty weatherstripping on your garage door can help prevent further damage and protect your garage from inclement weather.

Is Your Garage Door In Need of a Tune-up?

Action Garage Door Repair Specialists work hard to ensure the residential and commercial properties of DFW, Houston, and Austin has functioning and beautiful garage doors. Our team is passionate about ensuring the safety of our clients and do not rest until we get to the root of the problem and solve it. From garage door tune-ups and repairs to new installation and replacement services, our team can handle it all. Contact Action Garage Door Repair Specialists for all of your garage door needs or an estimate on our services!

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