How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Garage

A snake is sneaking into a garage through a crack in the screen with the words, keeping snakes out of garage.For some homeowners, the fight to keep snakes out of their garage is a constant battle. Snakes find garages a cool and comforting place to hide from the outdoor elements, but they are unwelcome guests. Fortunately, there are some measures you can take to keep them away. Here are some tips on how to keep snakes out of your garage:

1. Seal Up Holes

Older garages are susceptible to getting very small holes in the walls and underneath the garage door by a worn-out weather seal. These little holes create a perfect entryway for snakes to crawl into. To stop snakes from gaining access to your garage through these holes, you will want to replace the weather seal on your garage door and fill in any holes on the walls.

2. Clean Up Debris

The garage is a common workplace for DIY projects. Debris from these projects can create a perfect hiding spot for snakes. Snakes prefer to hide rather than stay out in the open, and a pile of debris is like a nice nest. To discourage snakes from making a home in your garage, make sure to clean up any debris that may fall on your floor after a project. This will keep your floors clean and remove any potential hiding spots.

3. Trim Back Plants

The plants growing around your garage are another welcome hiding spot for these slithering reptiles. Overgrown plants not only provide a favorable spot for snakes, but they can also cause damage to your garage walls and garage door.

If you trim back your plants, you remove a hiding spot for these snakes, causing them to seek shelter away from your garage and home. Not only can this help prevent a snake from entering your garage in the first place, but it also helps decrease the likelihood of your or a family member getting bitten.

4. Take Care of Unwanted Pests

Mice are another type of unwanted visitor in your garage or home. Multiple mice in your garage creates a buffet for snakes, and encourages them to make a home out of your garage. If you ever see any signs of rodents, hear scratching sounds in your walls, or find some of your possessions chewed, make sure you take steps to get rid of the mice immediately. Without the mice, a snake will not have a plentiful food source, causing him to hang out elsewhere.

5. Make your Garage Smell Unpleasant to Them

Snakes have a keen sense of taste and smell. They flick their tongues to taste the scent in the air, which helps them locate potential prey. If your garage smells unpleasant to them, they are less likely to make it a home. Mothballs and sulfur agitate a snake’s senses of smell, which causes them to avoid the area. Placing a few mothballs out or laying down some sulfur will create a perfect deterrent for snakes.

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