How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Garage

A lady with bug repellent spray with the words, keeping bugs out of garage.Bugs are an unwelcome sight in any garage or home. Not only can they make people uncomfortable, but they can also spread disease and eat through stored clothing and other household materials. If your garage is prone to bug infestation and you are at your wit’s end, here are a few tips to keep insects out of your garage.

1. Clean Your Garage

Clutter in your garage creates the perfect hiding place for bugs. They can easily squeeze into tight spaces to avoid the bright lights and contact with the homeowners. A clean garage limits these opportunities, which means they will likely look somewhere else to camp out.

Food crumbs create a food source for bugs and encourage them to come inside, so be sure to sweep up any that may have fallen on the floor. Ensure that you store any open food, such as pet food, in air-tight containers to preserve them and prevent bugs from getting in.

Finally, check your garage for wet areas from a leak or spilled liquid. Wet areas create a water source for bugs, encourages mosquito growth, and creates the ideal environment for mold.

2. Seal All of the Cracks

Perform an inspection of your walls, roof, and windows to check for signs of holes or cracks. Cracks and small holes create the perfect entry point for bugs as they look for somewhere shady and warm to escape the outdoor elements. If you notice any holes or cracks, you will either want to seal them by using a foam sealant solution or have a professional seal them for you.

Make sure you are not neglecting your garage door. It should be sturdy and leave no gaps between the floor and the door when you close it. If the weatherstripping is looking worn or the door isn’t closing correctly, you will need to contact a garage door specialist to repair your garage door and install a new weatherstrip.

3. Keep Your Garage Door Closed

People often like to keep their garage door open, as it creates easy entry into their home. Unfortunately, this also provides an open invitation for bugs and other critters, such as snakes and rodents, to move in. Make sure that you keep your garage door closed when you are not using the garage to reduce the likelihood of pests moving in.

4. Put Out Bug Traps

One of the most effective ways to get rid of bugs and keep them out of your garage is to kill the ones that are already there. Set traps for crickets, ants, and spiders to catch them and prevent them from reproducing. You can also spray bug repellent around the corners and entryways of your garage to reduce the chances they might sneak in.

Keeping your garage free of insects is a great way of increasing the health of your home and preventing a scare the next time you walk into your garage. Proper garage door maintenance can ensure that your garage door is not the cause of a bug infestation. Contact Action Garage Door Repair Specialists today to get an inspection on your garage door and to get the necessary maintenance to keep the bugs away.

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