The 6 Most Common Garage Door Problems

Troubleshooting a garage door can be frustrating. After all, you normally only realize your garage door is malfunctioning at the beginning or end of the day. But most garage door problems are fairly common and can be figured out fairly easily. Here are a few of the most common issues and what can be done to resolve them.

1. Strange Sounds When Opening or Closing

Strange sounds are almost always an indication that something is wrong with the wheels and track of the door. If your garage door is making sounds, it’s usually either due to a lack of lubrication or debris inside of the track. WD-40 can be used to lubricate a garage door if the screeching sound is like a “metal-on-metal” grating. This should also loosen up any debris along the track, though it might need a thorough cleaning. Don’t continue to operate your garage door if it’s both making strange sounds and moving erratically, as there could be am otor issue.

2. Erratic Movement or Behavior When Moving

Erratic movement when it comes to a garage door is usually caused by some kind of debris inside of the track. Clean out the track of your garage door and then rotate each of the wheels within the door individually. You should be able to determine whether something is sticking; each wheel should move very easily within the track and the track should be completely clear. If the door continues to act erratically, it’s possible that the motor needs to be replaced.

3. Sticking Either Opened or Closed

If your garage door sticks, it could potentially be an issue with lubrication or something caught within the track. You can gently clean in and around the track and lubricate it with oil that is meant for garage doors. Attempt to lower and close your garage door several times to spread the lubricant throughout the system and determine if that has worked. If the garage door still sticks, it’s more possible that something is either out of alignment or has been bent or loosened — for instance, a wheel might be loose somewhere along the track.

4. Falling Closed Rather Than Gently Lowering

Usually this is an issue with either the springs or cables inside of the lowering mechanism. If your garage door falls very quickly, it’s important that you get it fixed as soon as possible. Each time your garage door closes, it’s going to put even more strain on the springs and cables. Eventually the cables may snap altogether, sending the garage door slamming down on whatever is beneath it.

5. Not Opening When Remote Control Is Used

Garage door control batteries wear out so infrequently that many individuals forget that they can wear out at all. If your remote control isn’t operating correctly but your door switch is, then it’s very likely that you need to replace the internal battery inside of your garage door remote. This internal battery is usually a type of small, compact battery — like a watch  battery. You may need to unscrew the back of the remote control to determine what type of battery it is. If the remote control still doesn’t work, it probably needs to be replaced. Garage door remote controls are fairly affordable; just call the manufacturer.

6. Opening Again When Closing

Does your garage door close partially but then go right back up again? This is usually a problem with the door sensor — the garage door thinks that the door is blocked, so it moves back up. If this happens, you should almost always call a professional. Apart from cleaning your sensors, there is little you can do to repair the issue yourself. A sensor is too important for most to replace on their own; if a sensor fails or is replaced incorrectly, it could cause damage to a vehicle or potentially injure a person. Don’t try to force the garage door down, either; if debris is in the way of the garage door closing, this could pull it off its track.

If your garage door has a serious issue, you should never attempt to repair it yourself. Garage doors are both heavy and dangerous, and they can move unexpectedly during the process of repair. Instead, call us at Action Garage Door. We can offer you a consultation and a quote to get your garage door operating as it should again.

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