What Do I Do if My Garage Door Won’t Open?

Automatic garage door openers make entering and leaving the garage easy and convenient. However, when the garage door will not open, this presents a hassle and frustration for any homeowner. At Action Garage Door Repair Specialists, we resolve garage door problems and perform maintenance for all types of garage doors. Our experts on Austin garage doors offer these troubleshooting tips for garage doors that will not open.

  • Check the Batteries – Garage doors use a remote that requires batteries in order to deliver a wireless signal to the opener. Dead batteries mean that the remote cannot signal the door to open. Check and replace the batteries as needed.
  • Check the Receiver – If the remote is working, the receiver might not be. Check that the receiver is on and has power.
  • Check the Sensors– An object or some dirt may be in the way of the sensors besides of the garage door. If this safety feature is tripped, the garage door will not open.
  • Check the Manual Pull – If the manual pull cable for the garage door has been released, the garage door will not operate in the automatic mode.
  • Clean the Tracks – Over time, dust, dirt, and grime can build up on the garage door tracks, causing them to stick and lose lubrication. With the power off, clean the tracks and lubricate with the appropriate lubricant.

Call a Professional

If the garage door still does not open after taking these troubleshooting steps, call us at Action Garage Door. In some cases, the laser beam may be out of alignment or the receiver, rollers, or track may need replacement. We carry all the replacement parts for every type of residential garage door on the market.

When the garage door is stuck, our Austin garage door specialists are here for you. We offer fast garage door repair services for all makes and models of garage doors throughout the Austin area. At Action Garage Door Repair Specialists, we have built a solid reputation for garage door service that is on time, efficient, and affordable. For professional and reliable garage door assistance, call us today at 512-447-3667.