Top Things to Do in Fort Worth This Summer

Crowd in the mall in Fort Worth Texas for summer fun with the rest of the inhabitants (motion blurred)Fort Worth is an exciting and vibrant city with so much to do. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide what to do with those long summer days. That is why Action Garage Door has compiled some of the best summer things to do in Fort Worth.

Rockin’ the River

This is a great opportunity to enjoy a concert like you never have before! Grab an inter-tube and jump in the Trinity River for some great free music while you relax in the water. There are also areas for you to set up on dry land if you feel a bit waterlogged. There are several different passes available with different perks. Definitely one of the most unique things to do in Fort Worth this summer! Check out their website today.

Fort Worth Herd Cattle Drive

If you want to see something historical, head on down to Stockyards Station and watch some real life cowboys heard some longhorn cattle. Fort Worth has the nickname “Cowtown” for a reason, and it is a great original sight to see!

All Around Ranch Rodeo Challenge

From June 11 to June 13, you will be able to see over 200 cowboys compete for the title at the “World’s Richest Ranch Rodeo” and the change to take home some big cash prizes. There is plenty of great food and other unique vendors to make this a great time for the whole family.

Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra- Concerts in the Garden

A great option for the summer is seeing the great classical musical talent Fort Worth has to offer. There are many concerts going on all summer long. Check out their website and schedule for more information about particular concerts.

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