How to Maintain Your Garage Door In Summer

Brand new suburban house in sunny summer afternoon but the elements are deteriorating wood and steel garage doors which needs to be maintained in Dallas TexasYour garage door should be treated like any other appliance in your home. A garage door can last many years with proper maintenance. Summer is a perfect time to do some seasonal maintenance to keep your garage door in tip top shape. Here are a few simple steps to follow in order to keep your garage door maintained this summer.

General Inspection

Perform a general inspection on your garage door. Walk around the garage door and look for any bends, tears, rust, or worn areas of your garage door. Make sure to check your garage door springs, wheels, shafts, and rollers for damage or excessive wear. Open and close your garage door to check that your garage door is balanced. Your door should open and close evenly. If it does not, your springs maybe out of balance. Call a garage door professional if you believe the springs on your garage door are unbalanced. They are under a lot of tension and can cause you serious injury if you attempt to repair them yourself.

Keep It Clean

Give your garage door a good cleaning. Use a soft rag and some soapy water to gently clean the outside of your door. Dry thoroughly and make sure you have removed any debris, dirt, or grease that has accumulated on the door itself. Take some lubricant and apply to the moving parts of your door.

Insulate Your Garage

Before the summer heat is in full swing, you will want to check that your garage is properly insulated. A properly insulated garage can save you money and energy bills, keep your house cooler, and minimize street noise. If you notice that your energy bills this summer are rising, you may want to look to your garage. A garage door professional will be able to let you know how you can properly insulate your garage.

If you have any questions about how to maintain your garage door this summer, call the garage door experts at Action Garage Door at (877) 392-2590