Finding the Right Garage Door Repair Company

How much should a garage door repair cost? How much should a garage door cost? Is there anything really wrong with your door? Does your door just need an upgrade? All of these are questions that the average homeowner simply cannot answer without extensive research and comparison shopping. Finding a trustworthy garage door repairman remains the best way to ensure that you get the quality of service that you need at the best price.

Reach Out to Neighbors, Family, and Friends

Sometimes word of mouth really is the best advertising. If your neighbors, family, or friends have had a positive experience with a company, it’s often worth giving them a try — especially if they can give you a competitive quote. Normally it’s best to ask around your own neighborhood, as you can deal with a smaller, local company that provides affordable services. When talking to your friends and family ask them a few specific questions:

  • Was the technician prompt, friendly, and polite?
  • Did the service end up costing more than quoted? If so, why?
  • Was the repair suitable and did it last, or did it need to be repaired again?
  • Had you compared multiple services and gotten additional quotes?

Ask for Customer References and Look for Online Reviews

If you don’t know anyone in the area, you may want to look at online and paper ads instead. When calling a company that you haven’t done business with before, you can always request customer references. A reputable garage door servicing company should be able to give you references on demand during a consultation. These references will give you a better picture of the advantages of their service.

Still, online reviews tend to be more helpful because they are unfiltered. You can find online reviews on many classified sites. Do keep in mind that some people may post negative reviews regarding factors that are out of control of the garage door servicing company — i.e., they may post a negative review regarding service even though the issue was really with the manufacturer of their door.  When looking at online reviews you should specifically be looking for collaboration. If one person says that the service is overpriced, it may not be. If ten people say that the service is overpriced, it probably is.

Always Get Multiple Quotes (And Get a Quote First)

You should always get at least a couple of quotes to make sure that you are getting the best price that you can and that all bases are covered. Ideally, you should get three or four quotes before making a final decision. You can even negotiate a little — if there’s a company you’d prefer to work with, they may be willing to match a competitor’s price.

However, be wary of quotes that are much lower than the established baseline. If everyone has quoted you $200 except for a single company that has quoted you half the price, you should ask why their quote is so much more affordable. You may also want to compare an itemized listing of their quote against another company’s. It’s possible that they have (either intentionally or accidentally) left something out that the other companies had included.

Remember: cheaper isn’t always better. You don’t always want to go with the lowest price, you also want to consider the quality of service.

Contact the Better Business Bureau

If you’re investing a significant amount in a new garage door installation (or an extensive garage door repair), it may be worth a call to the Better Business Bureau first. This is also true if you’ve already noticed some potential red flags regarding the company that you’re considering working with. A few red flags include:

  • Being approached by the company rather than the other way around. If someone shows up at your door and tells you that they noticed something wrong with your garage door and would like to take a look at it, it’s a better idea to get a second opinion first. Consultations are almost always free.
  • Poor reviews or no reviews. A company that doesn’t have a good reputation may frequently change its name so that it can’t be looked up. Make sure that you get the company’s legal name so that you can review any potential issues.
  • Asking for payment before the job is completed — or asking for payment in cash. A reputable company will allow you to see the result of the work before payment is made. If it’s a more expensive service, such as a new garage door installation, they may ask for a small deposit.

The Better Business Bureau will be able to tell you whether or not there are any complaints filed against the business. Keep in mind that larger companies, such as national chains, may have complaints filed against them that have not yet been resolved but aren’t necessarily valid. Smaller companies, on the other hand, usually shouldn’t have any complaints levied against them.

Don’t Commit Right Away

In any sales environment, if you feel pressured, it’s usually best to make a decision later. For the most part, most garage door repairs do not need to be done at precisely that moment (unless, of course, it’s become a safety hazard). Ask for some time to make your decision and to get a few quotes — any reputable garage door repair service will understand. If the sales person or technician pressures you to commit, you should consider it a significant red flag.

At Action Garage Door, our talented and experienced team members are dedicated to giving you only the best in customer service. We have skilled professionals available for consultations and quotes regarding your garage door repairs, installations, and maintenance — and we understand the importance of working with a garage door company that you trust. Contact us today and let us open doors for you.