The History and Evolution of Garage Doors

If you’re a history buff and you also like your garage, you may be curious about how garage doors got their start and how they’ve evolved since their beginning. While there are some missing details in the chain of garage door creation, it is believed that the garage door industry got its start between 1921 and 1941. There were some garage doors before that time, but mass manufacturing hadn’t taken place yet. The main reason that garage doors started to see a surge in popularity during that time was due to the affordability of cars.

More cars on the road meant more people needed places to park them. They started to build garages, and those garages needed doors to protect the vehicles and keep out the elements. The swing-out style barn doors that were used on garages were quickly replaced with sectional doors that could be rolled or folded up instead. Even when the Great Depression hit and car sales dropped off, people continued to look for ways to make a living and those with means still needed places to store the cars they had already purchased. Garage door production slowed, but didn’t stop.

In the mid-1940s, it was clear that the growing housing boom meant that garage door production was going to soar. Most of the garage doors built during that time and through the late 1950s were made from wood. Some were also made from glass and aluminum. Eventually, fiberglass garage doors became highly popular. Garage door manufacturers doubled, and nearly all of the companies were going strong. By 1970, there were over 30 companies that were making garage doors, and the changes in housing meant that more houses were being offered with double garages. That meant even more doors needed.

As the changes in customer preference continued steel garage doors became the most popular option, especially for commercial needs. It was during the same time that the majority of manufacturers of garage doors started marketing to other countries and expanding their offerings to include more colors and styles. By doing that, the largest of the manufacturers cemented their place in the garage door industry. Some companies consolidated or merged with others, and some closed their doors, but the companies that remained strong can expect to have a good future ahead of them, as well.

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