Teaching Your Kids About Garage Door Safety

Family sitting in living room smilingUnfortunately many children are injured, or even killed by garage doors each year. Garage door safety is not something many families typically address, but it is very important if you own a garage door. Here are a few tips on how to communicate with your kids the importance of garage door safety.

Understanding the Door

Kids are naturally curious, so in order to squash any potential dangerous activities that may spur from that curiosity, its important take away the mystery that surrounds the garage door. Teach them that the garage door is very heavy and has the ability to hurt them if they are caught underneath. Explain how the garage door opener works to raise the door, but it can break causing the door to suddenly fall. When you educate them about why the door is dangerous, they are more likely to heed your warning.

Install Sensors

Just in case your children do run under the garage door while it is closing, it is crucial to have sensors that stop the door from closing when it senses motion under the door. This safety precaution has the potential to save your child’s life.

Set a Good Example

Many parents are guilty of ducking under the garage door while it is closing. Kids learn by example, so make sure to use the garage door opener if you are wanting to leave with the garage door closed.

Get Them Involved

If you have a simple repair to make on your garage door, get the child involved in the repair process by handing you tools, or asking them to repeat back to you what you are doing. Getting them involved will not only help them acquire new knowledge and life skills, but also can be a great bonding experience.

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