2018 Best Halloween Garage Door Ideas

As Halloween approaches, it’s time to start decorating. You’ve got an entire yard and porch to decorate, but don’t forget to utilize another important area of your property: your garage! You have so many opportunities when it comes to your garage and garage door that you may even want to focus on welcoming guests and trick-or-treaters into this space. To help you get started on decorating your garage door, here are some great ideas for how to decorate your garage and garage door for Halloween:

1. Add 2D Halloween Images to the Garage Door

From stickers to cut-outs, there’s no shortage of decorations that you can use to adorn your garage door. Black cats, witches, bats – you name it: if it’s spooky, you can find an image of it.

Of course, if you want to go all out, you can blow up an extra spooky design and print it out utilizing poster printers or a sign design company and use it to spookify your garage door. There are so many creepy images you can find online that will make your garage door truly chilling.

2. Turn your Door into a Spider Haven

A lot of people have arachnophobia. Spreading faux spider webs and spiders across your garage door is a simple way to freak people out with your Halloween decorations – especially if you use huge spiders. No one wants to think about a huge spider coming after them.

3. Use Spooky Shadows

What lurks in the shadows? Most people don’t want to know. Pointing lights at your garage door with spooky images in front of them will project large and looming shadows onto the garage door. Do ghosts cast a shadow? You’ll certainly make it seem like they do.

4. Utilize your Garage Door Windows

There’s nothing more unsettling than the unknown. Some subtle images in your garage door windows can make it seem like there’s something lurking just inside your garage. Cutouts of hands, bloody handprints, eyes peeking out, and other images can all make it seem like there’s something inside your garage that people don’t want to encounter.

5. Turn your Garage into a Haunted House

Your garage is a large, dark space that is perfect for turning into a haunted house. Creepy decorations and people dressed in costumes that jump out at visitors will make your garage a favorite amongst trick-or-treaters.

Below are some of Action Garage Door’s top Halloween garage door ideas from 2017. This video includes examples of some of the ideas listed above. Take a look and maybe you’ll get inspired to decorate your garage door this Halloween.

Music: www.purple-planet.com

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