Top 5 Inexpensive, Yet Highly Impressive Curb Appeal Improvements

Luxurious home with well kept lawn, and green exterior paint.To ensure your home makes a great first impression, you must utilize smart upgrades to increase the curb appeal. The curb appeal improvements can net you a high return on investment without breaking the bank. As the aesthetic value of your home increases, so does its actual value on the real estate market. The curb appeal also reflects the pride you have in your home and the time you put into its upkeep. Whether you are planning to sell soon, or live in your home for the foreseeable future, you will greatly benefit from investing in these smart upgrades.

Refinish Siding

If your siding feels boring or wore out, you do not need to pay for a full replacement to renew the look of your home. A new coat of paint or stain, or even just a quick pressure wash, can do wonders for the overall appearance of your home. Check your siding for signs of insect damage and weathering before using a pressure washer or paint sprayer on this potentially delicate surface.

Upgrade Garage Door

When onlookers zero in on your home, the garage door tends to automatically capture their attention. You can upgrade the garage door to clean up the look of your home or completely change its style. Although barn style garage doors are in style right now, you can go for any look imaginable, including single panel and sectional configurations. You may select a garage door that features decorative elements, such as ornamental hardware and windows.

Paint The Front Door

As people walk up to your home, their attention moves from the garage door and centers on the front door. You can improve this centerpiece with a thorough cleaning and repainting session. You may want to upgrade the hardware to match your new garage door or repair the jamb elements for an attractive framed effect. Add a central doorknocker that matches your overall design scheme to really play up this feature of your home.

Add Pathway Lights

Lead your guests into your domain and around your garden space with pathway lights. The lights help brighten up your home in the early evening hours and well into the night. You have a large selection of light designs to choose from, including vintage streetlamps and recessed cans. Perform a test fit of the lights to make sure they create an attractive pattern as they meander along the edges of your paths.

Create A Colorful Garden

A structured garden full of flowers can complement your other exterior elements without cluttering up the place. You will want to precisely place your plants to make good use of negative space. Organize them in their intended positions before they leave the pots to create a design that looks attractive up close and from afar. You can increase the aesthetic value of this feature by covering the ground with river rock or lava pebbles after planting your flowers.

Once you establish these curb appeal improvements, you will likely notice the compliments roll in from friends, family and neighbors. The value of this inexpensive investment will also become apparent as you swell with pride upon catching sight of your beautiful home.

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