Properly Cleaning Your Garage Doors

When was the last time you cleaned your garage doors? Garage doors can be difficult to properly clean. Not only are they made out of multiple sections, but sometimes it isn’t clear what parts you should clean and what parts you should leave alone. Still, it’s better than simply leaving them dirty: a garage door that is not properly cleaned may eventually malfunction.

Clean Your Garage Doors Regularly

Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to the proper operation of any moving device. You should clean your garage doors at least once a year, but seasonal changes are also a good time — such as the start of winter and spring. Uncleaned garage doors may eventually start losing their paint, or catching debris in their track.

Use the Proper Tools

You should gently clean your garage door with just a wash cloth and a bristle brush. Use warm water and some light soap, such as dishwashing soap. Your garage door shouldn’t be too dirty; you’ll just need to gently remove some dust. Once you’ve cleaned the entire garage door, you may want to apply a wax, such as a specialty garage door wax or a car wax; this will keep your garage door looking clean and new between washes.

Clean from Top to Bottom

The same rules as with windows and walls applies: you should always clean from the top to the bottom. If you clean from the bottom to the top, you’ll only be leaving soap residue and dirt where you just cleaned. After you’ve cleaned the door thoroughly by hand, you may want to just gently spray the entire door down with a hose. You can then let it air dry or manually dry it with a towel: either way should be fine, as garage doors are covered with exterior paint.

Oil Any Moving Parts

The moving parts of your garage door are comprised of the track and the wheels. You should oil these regularly to make sure that the garage door operates properly and that the operation itself is smooth. Over time, the track and wheels can begin catching — or even rusting, if you’re in an area with high salt content. If you find that your garage door is louder than normal or that it’s sticking in areas, this could be the problem. Since you’re cleaning with water and soap at this point, it’s also a good idea to restore any oil you may have accidentally removed.

Keep Yourself Safe

Never clean a garage door when it is even partially open and make sure that it is not placed in a state of operation (opening or closing) while you’re cleaning it. Don’t place your hand in areas where it may get pinched, and don’t try to clean the metal parts of the machine. Make sure your family knows you are cleaning the garage door so that they don’t try to open or close it.

Your garage door cleaning is also a great time to check to make sure that your garage door is functioning properly. Perform a simple inspection by operating the garage door and making sure that all parts are working as they should. If you notice any dents or issues in your garage door while cleaning, you can consult with a repair company to determine whether the issue needs to be fixed.

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