Adjusting a Torsion Spring Garage Door

Adjusting a torsion spring garage door is not a job for a DIY’er. If the spring breaks, there is enough tension to send metal shards into or through a human body. This type of garage door repair should be done by trained professionals. Action Garage Door Repair Specialists can adjust your torsion spring, install a new one or make any needed repairs to your residential garage door.

The garage door opens by a pulley system. The springs allow the cables in the pulleys to move without you doing extra work. Without the springs, the door is incredibly heavy and hard to move. If the springs are intact, do not attempt to adjust them yourself. Call a garage door repair company in Austin to adjust or replace the spring.

Most springs are made to last for a number of openings. This will be listed as “cycles.” For example, a 10,000 cycle spring is made to last through 10,000 garage door openings and closings without breaking.

Regular maintenance of the springs is essential. The garage door technician will advise you on the best method of maintenance and products to use. The wrong product could result in damage to the springs. If the springs are allowed to rust, they should be inspected before being used.

If your home has a one-piece garage door with springs at the sides, it is time to get a new garage door. This system is dangerous and no longer manufactured. The new garage door and springs can be installed in just a few hours. This includes removing the old door and springs.

The type of springs for your garage door is best chosen by the technician. If he or she offers a choice of springs, it is best to take the one with the most cycles and best warranty. The technician is not a salesperson trying to sell you something. He or she is trying to make sure you have the best product for your home.

To have the torsion springs in your garage adjusted, repaired or replaced, call Action Garage Door Repair Specialists. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 512-447-3667.