Tips for Properly Repairing Your Garage Door

Your friends here at Action Garage Door not only want to provide you with the best garage door, we also want to teach you how to take great care of your door in order that it can last you for as many years as possible. With a few expert tips your garage door is sure to last you for as many years as possible.

You’re Unable to Get Into Your Garage

If your garage door ever fails on you, get in touch with someone else who has access to it. If that fails, your next best step is to get in touch with the company that installed the door or the door opener. Even if we didn’t install your garage door or the opener, one of our friendly technicians will be more than happy to stop by and do what they can to help you out.

Your Garage Door Is Frozen

If the winter weather has frozen your garage door shut, try pulling on the emergency release so that you can work the door manually. It’s best that you not keep trying the automatic garage door if it has been frozen shut since doing so can potentially cause the motor to burn out. You can also use a blow dryer or a heat gun if the ice is truly stubborn. We recommend putting a weather seal around your door just for this unfortunate occasion.

Your Garage Door Is in Need of Replacement or Repair

Garage doors that suddenly stop working will more than likely be back in good shape with a simple repair. Doors that have sustained damage or minor wear may only need to have a panel or two replaced. A garage door replacement is appropriate whenever your door is rusted, warped, heavily scratched, or cracked.

An expert Action Garage Door expert is only a phone call away at (877) 392-2590 or contact us online the next time you find yourself with a garage door repair that requires more than a little TLC and elbow grease.