Tips for Garage Door Safety

Garage doors are essential to any Dallas, TX, home. They provide safety and security for both your home and your car, and add aesthetic value to your home’s exterior. However, garage doors can create hazardous situations when safety procedures are not followed properly. Action Garage Door in Dallas offers the following tips to prevent injuries related to garage door opening and closing:

Child Safety

Garage door openers are not toys, and children should not be allowed to play with them at any time. Portable openers (like the ones you keep in your car) should always be in the hands of an adult, and mounted openers should be placed at least 5 feet above the floor in your garage. This will ensure that children cannot reach the openers to play with them.

Stay Clear of Parts

Your residential garage door has many parts that work together to open and close the door. These parts are sometimes small enough for fingers, hands, or clothing to get stuck, which can cause damage to your garage door system. Additionally, coming in contact with a moving part can result in serious bodily injury.

Garage Door Emergency Release

You should never play games under or around your garage door. Trying to “beat” the door by sliding under it as it is closing is extremely dangerous and can result in people becoming trapped under the weight of the door. For this reason, you should always know where your emergency release is located. The emergency release shut down the garage door mechanism and allows the door to be manually lifted.

Much of what goes into safety and security procedures involves how the garage door was installed. Action Garage Door is a Dallas garage door installation company that believes in protecting homes in and around the Dallas, TX, area. That’s why we make sure that each of our customers’ garage doors are installed properly and securely. With our team, there are no cut corners—you can count on us for quality service.

For more information on garage door safety for your Dallas home, call Action Garage Door today at 972-215-706.