Teaching Your Children about Garage Door Safety

Family Garage Door SafetyAt Action Garage Door Repair Specialists, we know how important and precious your children are to you. Our technicians are parents just like you and would do anything to protect their children from harm. Unfortunately, a child who doesn’t know the basic safety rules regarding Dallas garage doors runs the risk of injury every day. Here are some fundamental garage door safety rules parents can share with their kids.

Show Them How It Works

We’ve found that showing your children how a garage door operates helps them understand the importance of staying clear when the door is in operation. As a parent, you can emphasize how a child could easily get hurt by going under a closing garage door while walking, running, or riding a bike. Sometimes seeing a garage door in action can help your child picture the dangers involved in playing around one.

Point Out the Parts

Kids are naturally curious about the things around them. By pointing out the different parts of the garage door in your home, like the springs, rollers, and the actual door, your child will be able to better visualize the operation. Make sure to emphasize that people can easily be hurt if they try to hang on to a garage door as it is going up—their fingers could easily get smashed between the interlocking parts.

Explain what each part does and how it’s vital to the operation of the garage door. If any one part stops working, the whole door will stop working, requiring repair. If your child understands this, they’ll be more likely to not play around the door when outside.

Explain the Consequences

Sometimes the above isn’t enough to convince kids that a garage door isn’t a toy or a playground. In these cases, try to explain the consequences of misusing a garage door—broken bones, scrapes, cuts, and other various injuries.

Just remember not to scare your children. Garage door safety is a serious issue for families, but teaching kids how to properly use a garage door is the first step in being safe.

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