How to Keep Your Garage Door Secure

Empty garageThe garage door is one of the most common entry points that criminal choose. It is really the ideal way to get into a house undetected since a garage door will close easily and there are less signs of breakage as would happen with a wood door or window. Here are some basic tips in keeping your garage door safe from a break in.

Secure Your Garage Door Remote

Don’t leave your garage door opener in your car or it allows easy access once they break into your vehicle. You can get a keychain opener instead of the clip that is attached to your car visor.

Secure Your Emergency Release

There are some easy ways in which you can keep your emergency release tied with zip ties or a lock in order to keep it secure, but still allows it to function.

Keep Your Doors Locked

Install a deadbolt on the door that leads into your home from the Garage. Keeping that door secure adds another layer of security that will have to be breached before a criminal can gain entry.

Close Your Garage Door

It sounds very common sense, but some people leave their garage doors open to allow easy entry for their children or family members. Criminals often drive around and check out houses that leave garage doors open. Make sure you close your garage door when it is not in use.

Cover Windows

Make sure to frost or cloud your garage door windows. This will prevent people from being able to peek inside your garage when you are not home and keeps your belongings secure.

Keep It Maintained

Keeping your garage door maintained is so important to keeping it strong and secure. Make sure you call a garage door professional to get an annual inspection completed and make sure your door is safe and secure.

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