Practice Garage Door Safety Every Month of the Year

Though June is the official Garage Door Safety Month, you and your household can practice garage door safety throughout the year. Every year, injuries and even fatalities occur due to misused or faulty garage doors. You can avoid this through proper garage door safety methods and maintenance.

  • Replace your garage door opener. Older garage door openers may not operate properly. Most notably, the garage door opener may not have an auto-reverse safety feature that could be important if you accidentally lower the garage door over an obstruction.
  • Keep the garage door opener away from children. When you’re in your home it’s usually best to put your garage door opener on a key ring or somewhere similarly out of reach. Children can become interested in the garage door and may play with it without understanding the dangers. Children are one of the most likely groups to get injured by a garage door.
  • Test your garage door’s safety features. Put an obstruction underneath your garage door and then attempt to lower it. Your garage door, if operating correctly, should raise again once it encounters this obstruction. If your garage door doesn’t, there is an issue with the safety sensors. This is very dangerous and should be addressed immediately.
  • Teach your children about the garage door. Children should be aware that they should never touch the garage door while it’s moving because their fingers could get caught.
  • Regularly inspect your garage door. Take some time to inspect your garage door every month to identify any potential damage to it, such as new dents or erratic operation. Lower and close your garage door; if it shakes or makes sounds, there could be problems.
  • Install pinching prevention. There are pinching prevention products that are designed to make sure that your garage door can’t pinch fingers. Technicians at Action Door Garage can give you more information about these specialty products, which are ideal for families with curious children.
  • Always fully lower or close your garage door. Partially opening your garage door can both be dangerous and contribute to premature wear of the movement mechanism.

Do you want to learn more about garage door safety? The first step is proper maintenance. Contact the talented technicians at Action Garage Door for more information about keeping your family safe and keeping your garage door operational.


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