Keeping Your Garage Door Safe from Break-Ins

Garage DoorWhile your garage door may be stout and safe, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is secure from a break-in. Poorly secured garage doors are weak points in your home’s overall security and can be an easy target if the right protective measures aren’t taken. Here are some of the most important things you can do to help protect the items in your garage from theft or damage.

  • Make sure you take your garage door remote out of your vehicle once you park. If someone gets a hold of it, that person will have access to your home.
  • Get a remote that you can attach to your keychain rather than the one you attach to the visor in your vehicle.
  • There are ways you can secure the emergency release to your garage door where you can still access it but a criminal could not. Talk to a professional about how to do so.
  • If your garage attaches to your home, put a deadbolt lock on the house entry door. Also, make sure that door is just as strong and sturdy as your front door – you may also want to consider having an anti-kick device installed.
  • Never leave the garage door open. This sounds basic, of course, but you’d be surprised how many people leave theirs open all night long.
  • Have your garage windows frosted or covered so that would-be criminals can’t tell whether or not your vehicle is inside.
  • When you leave town, put a padlock on your garage door’s throw latch if possible.
  • Don’t forget maintenance; a poorly maintained door is very easy for a criminal to breach.

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