Finding a Quality Garage Door

Your quality garage door experts of Action Garage Door are here to help you narrow down your options for the best door for your garage, your personal needs, and your budget. Besides the price of your garage door and the materials used to make your door, there are several other factors you should consider during the decision process.

Noise Factor

You may not want to alert the entire neighborhood or household when you raise and lower your garage door. The best way to ensure your door remains quiet is to properly maintain it and have it installed by a garage door specialist. You and nearby ears are also better off with a door that operates on a belt-drive rather than a chain-drive.

The Material

When deciding between a wooden door and a steel garage door, it will mostly depend on your personal preference. Steel doors don’t take much work to properly maintain, but wooden doors can add to the exterior appearance of your home. Garage doors wrought from steel come clean with a bit of warm water and a quality household cleaning agent while wood doors have to be re-painted, stained, and primed.

A Perfect Fit

If you have a garage that was custom built, you’ll need to measure the width and height of your garage opening and have the door built by whoever built your garage. Additional factors that can influence your choice of garage door include whether or not you would like an insulated garage, if you prefer a garage door that is more energy efficient, the color scheme of your home, and your desired level of safety.

Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us here at Action Garage Door at (877) 392-2590 or contact us online if you ever need a professional opinion about which type of garage door is the best fit for you. Our garage door is always open.