Garage Door Company in White Settlement, TX

Quality Garage Door Repair at Competitive Prices

With over 25 years of experience, the team at Action Garage Door has the knowledge and skill necessary to complete every garage door repair problem to your satisfaction. Our staff is available 24-hours a day for emergency garage door repair, so whenever you’re in need, we’ll be there within the hour. We also offer garage door maintenance to prevent potential problems, saving White Settlement homeowners time, money, and future headaches.

Garage Door Maintenance

Keeping your garage door clean is just as important as any other home maintenance task. This is because dirt actually has the capability to get trapped in the tracks and keep it from opening. This can be quite a frustrating experience, especially when discovered while trying to leave for work in the morning. Just take a few minutes every few weeks to use some multi-purpose cleaner or soap and water to clean off dirt and debris. Or contact the experts at Action Garage Door for quality and prompt service.

Our Garage Door Selection

All the color, material, and style choices can be quite overwhelming when trying to find a new garage door. There are many factors that are important to look at. Whether you’re savvy about garage door options or not, Action Garage Door is happy to help find the right overhead door for your needs. Taking budget and style into consideration, we can narrow it down for a smoother process.

Contact us online or call the location nearest you. In Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding Texas cities, call 972-254-4040 or 817-633-3119.