Commercial Overhead Door Installation Safety Precautions

Commercial Garage Door Accident

Sometimes safety precautions seem like common sense. Its surprising how many times these simple steps are overlooked or dismissed because they are inconvenient. Thousands of people each year fall victim to garage door accidents. Below are some simple things to avoid when installing or maintaining your commercial overhead door.

Never Go Under A Door While It’s Moving

Never stand or walk under a moving garage door, when a door is being installed, or serviced. Commercial doors can weigh easily over 1,000lbs. A person can easily be crushed and even killed by a falling door. When the door is moving, stay away and wait for it to fully close and then fully reopen. This way if there is a malfunction that causes the door to fall suddenly, you will not be caught underneath.

Keep It Maintained

Keep your garage door properly maintained with an annual inspection to keep it operating safely. Hiring a professional to come out and look at your door on a regular basis will help to prevent a tragic occurrence.

Don’t Do It Yourself

Garage doors look like a simple device, but they are actually very complicated and with multiple springs and cables. They can be very unpredictable. Never attempt to repair your door yourself. Cables and springs are under tension that if improperly released can cause severe injury and even death. Call a professional who knows how to properly install and maintain a garage door.

Get It Checked If Its Hit

If a vehicle has accidentally hit the garage door, it is important to get it inspected right away even if no damage is apparent. The vibration could have caused the track to become misaligned which may cause the door to unexpectedly drop. If it is hit, do not operate it until a garage door professional has given it a thorough inspection.

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