Why Won’t my Garage Door Open in the Cold Weather?

There are several reasons why your garage door won’t open in the cold weather. Its metal contracts, for instance, may have contracted, leading the springs on the door to seize up. Grease can also cause garage door maintenance issues. If lubrication gets on the door’s tracks, it can cause the wheels to become misaligned. In cold weather, grease can also harden and prevent the door from closing. Finally, the rollers on your garage door may have simply worn down. Acquiring replacement rollers is an easy remedy to this particular problem.

There are several ways to prevent your garage door from sticking, such as lubricating and cleaning it on a regular basis. If you require garage door repair services, we have the means to help you. You can contact us at (877) 392-2590, and we will provide you with all of the installation, repair, and maintenance services that you need for your garage door.