Which Garage Door Drive Should You Choose?

WhetherGarage Door Drive you need a new garage door opener or simply want to update your garage door drive, you’ll discover that there are a few different options. There are three common types of drive for the garage door. These are the chain, belt, and screw-drives. Before you choose a drive for your garage door, consider this information from Action Garage Door:

  1. Chain-Drive Openers

This type of drive is the oldest and they are still a favorite. For many homeowners, the chain-drive provides an affordable option that consistently provides good quality performance. One drawback of this drive type is that its operation can be noisy, so if the garage is situated near a bedroom, this may not be the best option. Some homeowners, on the other hand, enjoy knowing when the door is being used.

  1. Screw-Drive Opener

This option is a great choice for homeowners who are willing to pay a little more for quieter performance. It has fewer moving parts and does not require much maintenance.

  1. Belt-Drive Openers

This third option is often chosen specifically because it operates very quietly. Rather than using a chain, it utilizes a rubber belt. This makes a smooth, quiet performance for homeowners who value a peaceful environment. The biggest drawback to this choice is the higher cost.

Which Is Best?

How can you determine which garage door drive is best? First, consider which is most important to you: the amount of noise the drive makes or the cost of the machinery? Next, you might consider whether or not you intend to do the installation and maintenance on your own or if you will hire a professional. The screw-drive opener may be a bit easier to install, but it is still recommended to have new drives installed by the pros.

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