Garage Door Springs Replacement with Your Plano TX Garage Door Company

There are two types of garage door springs, torsion springs and extension springs. Your Plano TX garage door company, Action Garage Door, has extensive experience installing and replacing springs for garage doors. The National Safety Council recommends only an expert installer adjust or install garage door springs under such high tension. Action Garage Door is your installation and repair expert for garage door service in Plano.

The two types of springs, torsion and extension, are installed on different types and styles of garage doors. Torsion springs are “unwound” when a door is lifted or lowered and often are rated to open and close a garage door around 10,000 times before the spring is unusable. Most stock and original torsion springs have the basic cycle rating but Action Garage Door in Plano recommends replacing these stock springs with galvanized extended-life 25,000-cycle springs which Action warranty’s for life.

One-piece garage doors often use the second type of springs called extension springs. Extension springs are no longer used in new garage door manufacturing because the spring system allowing the door to open was unsafe and do not meet current safety standards. Action Garage Door can replace extensions springs, however, recommends new garage door installation for longevity and safety.

Action Garage Door in Plano has been family owned and operated since 1984 and a Better Business Member since 1992. The Plano TX garage door specialists serve the Dallas, Austin, and Houston metro areas and all technicians pass the Texas Department of Public Safety background check. Give Action Garage Door a call at 972-254-4040 in Plano of visit their website for more information and to schedule service.