Austin Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

A broken garage door is a serious problem. When the door to the garage does not properly open and close, you cannot secure your vehicle inside. If you have an attached garage, a broken door leaves your home vulnerable to break-ins through the garage. You need to get the door fixed immediately. Call us at Action Garage Door Repair Specialists for residential garage door repair in Austin, including 24/7 emergency repairs.

Garage doors are complex systems that combine various moving parts to operate safely and correctly. Problems with a garage door may not only prevent it from opening or closing but could make it dangerous. A garage door that does not stay up or closes without warning could cause serious injury. Call an Austin TX garage door repair company to your garage door serviced before someone gets hurt.

Here at Action Garage Door Repair Specialists we can fix your residential garage door or install a new garage door. Parts of the door that may require service or replacement we can fix include the hinges, springs, tracks, openers, cables, struts, drums, and rollers.

When you call us for service, you get professional, fully-insured technicians come to your home to fix your garage door. We will give you a price quote before working, and you have a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Our prices and service are the best in the business. Calling us to fix your garage door ensures that your door is returned to a safe, operating condition that will keep the contents of your garage secure.

Waiting to fix your garage door is not the best plan. Broken doors on the garage leave your garage vulnerable to thieves and the doors are dangerous to people and pets. If your garage door has a problem or has never been checked for maintenance, call Action Garage Door Repair Specialists for garage door repair in Austin at 512-447-3667.